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The New AMP-43740 4-Axis Servo Amplifier


Galil is proud to introduce the 1200W AMP-43740, a new high power multi-axis servo drive with sinusoidal commutation. Based on Galil’s 600W AMP-43540, the new AMP-43740 is designed for applications with brushless motors that require greater continuous or peak current. 

Internal Amplifier and Drive Comparison

The AMP-43740 contains four 1200W digital transconductance amplifiers for driving brushless motors with sinusoidal commutation, a 100% increase in power rating from the 600W AMP-43540. Each amplifier in the  AMP-43740 can drive motors operating at up to 16 Amps continuous and 30 Amps peak at 20-80 VDC allowing the use of larger brushless motors to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. 

Introducing Galil's New C Programming Library

gclib is a C-compatible application programming interface (API) for communicating with Galil motion controllers and PLCs.

This February Galil introduced a new C application program interface (API) library.  This library gives programmers access to powerful routines to interact with Galil motion controllers in a wide variety of application development environments.