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[White Paper] Intro to Motion Control Systems

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     A motion control system is a collection of components put together in such a way that creates movement to a specific position, velocity, or acceleration. A closed loop motion control system consists of a motor, amplifier, motion controller, and feedback sensor.



Figure 1. Motion Control System Block Diagram


New EtherCAT I/O Controller




Galil is proud to introduce the RIO-574x0, its first EtherCAT Slave I/O Controller.  This controller is packed with digital and analog I/O and can greatly expand the I/O capability of an EtherCAT application.  The RIO-574x0 is specifically designed to interface seamlessly with Galil's EtherCAT Master Motion Controller, the DMC-500x0, but it can also be used with any generic EtherCAT Master.  Priced around 1/3rd of the competition, the RIO-574x0 provides a compact, cost-effective I/O controller perfect for any EtherCAT application.

Controlling a Stepper as a Closed-Loop Brushless Motor

When open-loop stepper performance isn't suitable for an application, an engineer will typically use a closed-loop three-phase brushless motor. This solution can become costly especially if high torque performance is also required. However, now it is possible to use Galil's 2 Phase Brushless (2PB) option with stepper motors to gain the advantages of both stepper motors and closed-loop three-phase brushless motors in one small, easy to use package. Three phase BLM and 2PB are mutually exclusive features.  If you require a mix of the motors, please contact an applications engineer at Gal​il.