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Learn about motion control through our featured tutorials presented by industry leader Dr. Jacob Tal. Check out our library of tutorials for specific information on topics such as modes of motion, dual loop compensation, piezo-ceramic actuators, microstepping and much more. Our two minute videos are perfect for busy engineers that need quick solutions to common motion and I/O problems such as connecting to a Galil controller, PID temperature control with the RIO PLC, tuning suggestions, PVT mode of motion, and wiring optoisolated outputs. If you have an idea for a 2 minute video, contact a Galil application engineer at 800-377- 6329 or email

Featured Tutorials

Introduction to Galil Design Kit Step-By-Step

Introduction to Galil Design Kit (GDK) Step-By-Step tool.

Introduction to Galil Design Kit

Galil Design Kit (GDK) features and tools at a general introductory level.

Basics of Galil Design Kit: Manager, Terminal & Editor

A walk through of the first steps of getting a Galil motion controller up and running using Galil Design Kit.

Two Minute Technical Videos

An example of setting up an Galil EtherCAT network
Two-minute video - Best Practices for Using Gaill's Optoisolated Outputs
Introduction to Galil's latest generation motion controllers - the DMC-40x0 Series
Smooth multi-axis motion through arbitrary points using PVT
Assign an IP address to motion controllers

Completely Library of Tutorials


System Design


I/O Control

Software Tools

Motion Controllers

  • Introduces Galil's highest performance, fifth generation stand-alone motion controller.
  • See Dr. Jacob Tal demonstrate servo tuning and programming motion using a Galil motion controller, drives, servo motors and Galil software.

Motors & Drives

  • Discusses step motor operation including full-step, half-step and microstep. How to configure Galil controllers for proper operation with step motors.
  • Discusses microstepping including operation and performance. How to configure Galil's SDM-20640 microstepping drive.
  • Operation of brushless motors. Includes discussion about sinusoidal commutation. Discusses set-up with Galil controllers.
  • Reviews servo amplifiers such as linear and PWM drives and voltage and current drives. Power supply and commutation considerations are discussed.
  • Describes shunt regulators and when they are used. Calculations for both rotary and linear systems.
  • Discusses advantages and disadvantages of these actuators. Compensation methods for optimum tuning are presented.