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View Galil's Press Releases announcing new products, product options and customer applications.

Galil Motion Control Introduces The Galil Design Kit (GDK)

Oct 2016

Galil Motion Control Releases DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT Master

June 2016

Galil Motion Control Releases New EtherCAT I/O Controller

Nov 2015

Galil Motion Control Releases Upgrade for Two Key Products

Aug 2014

Galil Multi-Axis Controller Used in State-of-the-Art Interactive Public Space Art at East Carolina University's Sonic Plaza

July 2014

Galil Motion Control Receives ISO 13485:2003 Certification

November 2013

Galil Motion Controllers used in 6-Degree of Freedom Platforms Developed by InMotion Simulation Systems

June 2013

Galil Introduces GalilSuite Software Revision 1.0 - Tuning, Scope, and Analysis Tool

February 2013

Galil Introduces RIO-47300 Pocket PLC with 48 Digital and 16 Analog I/O, and 2 Ethernet ports for easy daisy chaining

January 2013

Galil Introduces RIO-47142 Pocket PLC with Two Ethernet Ports - Allows Easy Daisy Chaining of Multiple Controllers

October 2012

Galil Introduces DMC-30016 Pocket Motion Controller Single-Axis Controller with 1.4A Stepper Drive

July 2012

Galil Introduces DMC-30017 Pocket Motion Controller Single-Axis Controller with Microstepping Drive

April 2012

Galil Introduces Galil Suite Software

February 2012

Galil Controller Used to Help Guide Remote Controlled Vehicle for Hyper-Realistic Military Training

September 2011

Galil Introduces Frequency Analysis Software

July 2011

Galil Introduces Two Servo Drives with Sinusoidal Commutation

April 2011

Galil AMP-43240 750W Drive for DMC-41x3 and DMC-40x0

February 2011

Galil Debuts New 2 Minute Video: Using the GalilTools Scope to Help Tune a Servo Motor

October 2010

Galil Introduces DMC-41x3 Econo Motion Controller

August 2010

Galil Motion Control Debuts Two-Minute Video Library

February 2010

Galil Motion Control Achieves 100th Consecutive Quarter of Profitability

January 2010

Galil Announces Thermocouple and RTD Interface for RIO Pocket PLC

June 2009

Galil Releases New RIO-47200 Pocket PLC with Screw Terminals

March 2009

Galil releases RIO-471x2 Pocket PLC with Expanded Memory

February 2009

Galil Releases New Expanded Website

January 2009

Galil Motion Control Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Shipping Their First Motion Controller

August 2008

Galil's New Ladder Interface Software Simplifies Programming for Its RIO-471x0 Compact PLC

April 2008

Galil's New RIO-47120 Smart, Ethernet I/O Controller Provides BiPolar Analog I/0

March 2008

Galil's New GalilTools Software Enables Easy Set-up of Their Latest Controllers

January 2008

Galil's New 2008 Catalog is Here!!

December 2007

Galil's New RIO-47100 Ethernet I/O Controller

October 2007

Galil Ships 500,000th Motion Controller!

March 2007

Galil Introduces DMC-40x0 Accelera Series Stand-Alone Controller

September 2006

Galil Enhances Backlash and Lead Screw Compensation Option with 2-D Error Correction

April 2006

New HelloGalil Quick-Start Projects for Windows-Based Programming Languages

January 2006

Galil Releases Downloadable PartNumberGenerator Enhancements

September 2005

Galil Introduces Its New Accelera Series of Faster, More Powerful Motion Controllers

July 2005

Galil Offers AMP-20542 Amplifier for its DMC-21x3 Ethernet Motion Controllers

June 2005

Galil's New MotorSizer Web-Tool Helps Users Select Motors and Amplifiers


New Metal Enclosure -BOX option for DMC-2143 Ethernet Motion Controller

April 2005

New .NET Application Program Interface Tool Aids in .NET Software Development

February 2005

Galil Introduces DB-28104 Daughter Board for Sinusoidal Encoder Interpolation

January 2005

Galil Releases New CDS-3310 Controller and Drive System for Single-Axis Applications

October 2004

Galil unveils Free MotionCode Toolkit - Step by Step Solutions for Motion Applications

September 2004

Wayne Baron Promoted To President and CEO of Galil Motion Control

July 2004

Enhanced PartNumberGenerator Released with Position Tracking and Ramp to Gearing functions

July 2004

New Microstepping Drives for DMC-21x3 Controller n' Drive Sandwiches

April 2004

Galil Motion Control Hits Milestone With 75 Consecutive Profitable Quarters

March 2004

Todd Shearer Heads New Galil East Coast Regional Office

February 2004

Free SmartMoves Spotlights Brochure Covering Fourteen Unique Customer Applications

December 2003

New AMP-19540 4-axis Amplifier Drives Up To Four 500W Brush or Brushless Motors

November 2003

DMC-31x3 Distributed Controllers Perform Coordinated Motion to Reduce Host Burden

October 2003

New ICM-20105 adds Opto-Isolation and High Power Outputs to the DMC-21x3

September 2003

New 500 Watt Servo Amplifier Board (AMP-20540) Mounts Directly to 21x3 Without Wires

June 2003

New DMC-1417 PCI-Bus Low Cost Single-Axis Motion Controller

June 2001

New Box-Level Versions of Ethernet Motion Controllers

May 2001

Galil Motion Control on the Move as Company Relocates to Rocklin, California

August 2000

DMC-1425 Dual-Axis Motion Controller with RS232 and Ethernet

May 2000

DMC-1415 Single-Axis Controller with Ethernet

January 2000