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Galil's single-axis controllers are in a league of their own. With today's current supply of smart drives the market is full of products that can control a single axis with simple control schemes such as indexing or point to point moves based on inputs. The DMC-30000 is much more then a smartdrive, it is a full motion controller that can perform those various modes of motion and so much more. The DMC-30000, like all the other Galil controllers, has programming space onboard to take care of the whole application by setting and checking IO (including modbus TCP/IP), parsing text, reading in other devices, sending out ethernet packets to a host, and even controller other Galil motion controllers (single or multi axis).

The DMC-30000 takes single-axis controllers to a whole new level other smartdrives can't compete with. In cases where this controller can't supply the required power, there are variants without amps that can control external amplifiers and give the application all the benefits of the on board processing.

Ethernet/RS232 Single Axis Motion Controller