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Galil partners with customers to help them solve their most challenging remote I/O applications. If you cannot find exactly what you need in a standard Galil RIO PLC, we can customize one to meet your specific application requirements, including cost and performance. Let Galil show you how convenient and cost-effective our custom solutions can be.

For example, hardware specials such as modified board size, custom connectors, different communication, or additional I/O are typically completed within a 12-week period with engineering charges as low as $5000. Firmware specials can be written for an unlimited number of requirements and are typically complete in 2 weeks with engineering charges as low as $400.

Common Customizations


Standard Communications include Ethernet, RS232, and ModBus TCP. RIO products come standard with a web server.

    Unique RS-485
    Custom Ethernet Protocols such as Ethernet/IP
    Custom Data Record
    Custom Data Logging
    Customzied Web Servers


    Custom I/O Count
    Modified Dimensions
    Add Custom Packaging

Laser Control

Standard laser control includes PWM outputs and analog outputs.

    Output Compare


    Customized for HMIs



Examples of Customizations


Description: Add support for Ethernet/IP to RIO-47xxx

Usage: Connect to master PLC to communicate over Ethernet/IP protocol