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PLC with Screw Terminals and total 48 digital I/O Ethernet/RS232

Customize Controller

The RIO-47300 PLC is a DIN rail mount unit with screw terminals and Ethernet. The RIO contains a fast RISC processor for handling I/O logic and is programmed using Galil's intuitive command language or using Galil's Ladder Interface software.
Each RIO unit is self-contained with numerous analog and digital I/O including: 48 high-power optically isolated digital I/O (72 with extended I/O option), 16 user configurable analog I/O, and dual Ethernet ports. The RIO-47300 has expanded memory containing 400 lines of program space, 254 variables, 1000 array elements, 6 PID loops, and 5 Ethernet handles.
The RIO-47300 model has an internal switch with two Ethernet ports which allow daisy chaining of RIO units without an external switch. It can also easily communicate with other devices including Galil's DMC-40x0, DMC-41x3 and DMC-30000 Ethernet motion controllers.

  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) that is smart, compact and cost-effective
  • (2) 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port and (1) RS232 port up to 115/19.2 kbaud.
  • ModBus/TCP master or slave
  • Lots of I/O - Model comparison
    • 8 analog inputs 
    • 8 analog outputs 
    • 24 optically isolated inputs 
    • 24 optically isolated outputs
  • Analog PID Process Control Loops
  • Multitasking for concurrent execution of up to four application programs.
  • LED indicators for all digital I/O points
  • Contains RISC processor and memory for programming I/O events
  • Easy-to-use, 2-letter Galil programming language
  • Expanded variables, memory and control loops
  • Web interface and email capability for sending messages
  • Powered by Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) or external 18-36V DC input
  • RIO-473xx: 7.19" x 4.7" with DIN tray;screw terminals
  • Screw terminals
  • Galil's Ladder Interface Software is available for converting Relay Ladder Logic programs into deterministic code
  • Custom hardware and firmware options available
  • Quadrature, SSI and BiSS encoder support
  • Additional 24 high-power digital inputs or outputs optoisolated, non-configurable

Use the Part Number Generator to help configure and price a system.

Part Number Description 1 pc 100 pc
RIO with 48 digital I/O. 16 analog I/O. Screw terminals. Two Ethernet ports. Expanded Memory. $555 $400

Note: Pricing shown is for domestic purchases only.

Image Part Number Description
Application development, servo tuning, analysis, and backup.
Tools for communications and Software Developers
Ladder Logic Interface software for the RIO Pocket PLC
60 Watt Power Supply (2.5Amps at 24V)
RS232 female to female straight through cable