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GDK | Galil Design Kit

Galil's newest generation software package for Galil motion controllers and PLCs
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The Galil Design Kit (GDK) is Galil Motion Control's newest software package for Galil motion controllers and PLCs. GDK is built on the efficient and powerful gclib programming API making communication with motion controllers and PLCs easy and effective. GDK's modular design allows communication with one or many controllers with a core tool set including terminal, program editor, viewer, setup tool, scope, and tuner.


GDK is built using a client-server architecture allowing GDK to communicate with many controllers while a host program is also communicating with these controllers. Monitoring and debugging has never been easier with the tools provided by GDK.


The GDK Scope is designed to emulate a traditional digital Oscilloscope. There are many features that it provides such as intuitive measuring and zooming tools, trigger tools, autoscale, and more. There are a variety of trigger modes available such as Scan, Auto, and Normal which allows the user to plot key events. This tool can be used for many different applications such as tuning, measuring motor settling time and overshoot, and measuring the system's characteristics such as resonances and backlash.


The GDK Tuner is designed to assist the user in optimizing their system’s performance. It provides a simple user interface for editing a variety of filter parameters such as Pole, Notch, and PID. The user can also edit the controller's torque limits, the voltage offset, and feedforward parameters. The Auto-Crossover tuning algorithm is customizable as well as the Tuner's Test Signals. The GDK Tuner is made to pair with GDK's Scope Tool to provide a complete tuning tool set.


The Terminal allows the user to send commands and read responses from the user. It has features such as command history, inline command search, auto-repeat, and paste-to-hardware allowing batch commands to be sent to the controller.


The program Editor allows multiple programs to be edited, downloaded, uploaded, and run. DMC code syntax highlighting and a code preprocessor provide a number of language features not present in pure DMC code.


The Viewer tool provides a graphical interface displaying the important information of the controller in real-time. Additional viewers can be configured and customized for any application.


The Setup Tool makes backing up and restoring controller settings easy. Update parameters, variables, arrays, and programs from within the setup tool. Development controllers can be cloned for production units.

Part Number Description 1 pc 100 pc
Application development, servo tuning, analysis, and backup. $195 $195

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