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The PSR series power supplies are regulated DC power supplies that are capable of operating from 100-240 VAC input, 50/60 Hz. They include a shunt regulator and blocking diode which should be included in servo systems to protect the power supply. The PSR series can be used with any controller/amplifier combination to provide a complete solution for single-axis or multi-axis applications. The PSR series are available in two models: PSR-12-24 and PSR-6-48.

The PS series power supplies are small low power supplies that come with a 2pin Molex Mini-Fit, Jr. connector to allow for mating directly to a DMC-40x0(ISCNTL),DMC-41x3(ISCNTL) or DMC-3x01x(ISCNTL) where the controller power is isolated from the amplifier power supply. It can also power the RIO Pocket PLC. The PS series is available in the PS-2.50-24 model.

Power Supplies

30A-24 VDC Power Supply
15A-48 VDC Power Supply
60 Watt Power Supply (2.5Amps at 24V)
6A-48 VDC Power Supply
12A-24 VDC Power supply