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Galil motion controllers are highlighted in many popular engineering publications such as Design News, Control Engineering, Machine Design. Click the links below for technical articles about motion control applications, motion technology, and programming motion.

Galil DMC-­4020 Moves Unique Instrument for Leaf Analysis

Custom Lab Software Systems, a developer of precision instrumentation, used a Galil DMC-4020 to build the Micron Level 3-D Confocal Profiling and Thickness Measurement System.

Galil motion controller moves Instrument for Leaf Analysis

Custom Lab Software Systems Inc. used a Galil DMC-4020 to build the Micron Level 3-D Confocal Profiling and Thickness Measurement System for optical measurement of plant leaves for water retention.

Control Design - "Multi-Axis Controller Powers Huge Multimedia Clock"

DMC-4143 motion controller is helping bring a large mechanical piece of art to life. The Sonic Plaza on East Carolina University's campus combines elements of art, architecture and technology.

Medical Device Developments - "Intelligence in Motion"

Galil's director of marketing, discusses the company's latest generation of controllers which have been designed to meet the demands from biotech, medical and pharmaceutical markets.

A&D India - Management Interview

Discussing future technology growth drivers and his plans for the Indian market, Wayne Baron, President & CEO, Galil Motion Control, elaborates on challenges and opportunities in the marketplace

Robotics Tomorrow - "Galil DMC-4080 Helps Guide Remote Controlled Vehicle in Hyper-Realistic Training"

Engineers at defense contractor Strategic Operations Inc. needed a robotic car so the design team outfitted a sedan with a DMC-4080 eight-axis Ethernet motion controller

Motion System Design - "Little Bundle of Performance Joy"

DMC-30012 unit combines high-performance controls with an 800W sine drive in an impressively small, cost-effective package.

Machine Design- "Motion Controller Drives Robotic Car Through Military Training Exercises"

Engineers at defense contractor Strategic Operations Inc. needed a robotic car so the design team outfitted a sedan with a DMC-4080 eight-axis Ethernet motion controller

Entertainment Engineering - "3D Camera Relies on Precise Motion Control"

A new mirror rig is designed to support existing and upcoming HD and digital cameras for 3D

Machine Design- "Motion controller smoothly shuttles lens through assembly"

Researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory are using a Galil motion controller to handle positioning chores in a machine that builds multilayer Laue lenses.

RTC - "Implementing Precision High-Speed Linear Motion Control"

The selection of the proper components for the application and then carefully tuning them with software tools is the key to fast and precise motion control.

Motion System Design - "Motion Scenarios: Contour vs. PVT Motion in X-Y Positioning"

Explores point-to-point moves, contour mode, and position-velocity-time (PVT) mode

Machine Design- "Ethernet Motion Controller from Galil Used to Control Waterjet Cutter"

CNC Machines International uses the DMC-2153 to control their carpet and artificial-turf water-jet cutters.

Control Engineering - "Motion controller aids fine art of carpet cutting"

CNC Machines International (CNCMI) created a high performance waterjet cutter that can precisely cut and inlay intricate logos into carpet and artificial turf.

Machine Design- "Torque, Speed, and Yogurt Cups"

A Galil motion controller is used in a thermoforming machine designed by Thermoforming Systems LLC.

Machine Design- "3D Camera Exploits Motion Control Technologies"

3D Camera Exploits Motion-Control Technologies.

Design World- "Galil Selected for Australian Neutron Beam Project"

Galil's Ethernet motion controllers were selected for Australia's Neutron Beam Intrumentation Project (NBIP)

Design World- "Controller Helps Imaging System Precisely Target Cancer"

Galill motion controllers used for precise position control in TomoTherapy imaging system.

Product Design & Development- "When Close Doesn't Count"

Using customized motion control components, new surveillance and weapon aiming systems have achieved the accuracy levels their environment demands.

Design News- "Stryker's Optical Viewer Goes Servo"

Galil motion controllers are used in PVP's Optical Viewing System on the US Army Stryker Combat Vehicle.

RTC- "Digital Motion Controllers Provide Precise Motion in a Wide Range of Applications"

The Galil controller provides the basic functions that can be tuned for a variety of applications.

NASA Tech Briefs- "Motion Controller Helps Test for Hard Disk Defects"

Galil controller used in hard disk defect detection.

Design News- "60 Years of Innovation- Motion Control Time Line"

In 1983, Galil introduces the first microprocessor-based, single-axis servo motion controller.

Design News - "3D Ultrasound Breast Exam"

Precise, non-invasive breast exams using motion and imaging may reduce need for biopsies.

Design News - "Controlling an Unmanned Car"

Galil controller used in autonomous vehicle for DARPA Grand Challenge

Design News Motion Control Supplement - "Controller Adds Precision"

Galil adds precision to a Waterjet cutting machine

Design News Motion Control Supplement - "Motion Control for the Newcomer

Designing a system to boost your machines performance may be easier than you think.

Design Fax - "Books on Spec"

Automating on-demand printing and binding machines.

Design News - Touch-Free Testing "

President Cuong Le of Andrews NDT uses Galil to test Semiconductor wafers with positioning accuracies on the order of +/-0.5 microns at a high bandwidth.

Control Design - "Simplify Your Machine Control"

Hybrid controller design integrates discrete I/O, analog, and motion functionality on a common user platform.

Motion System Design - "A Stitch to Save Time"

Market Focus - Textile: Modern-day quilt makers are getting help from companies such as Statler Stitcher - manufacturer of computerized quilting systems.

Design News E-Update - "Multi-axis controller simplifies connections in distributed networks"

Besides reducing network wiring, the DMC-31x3 can free the host computer from burdensome motion coordination duty

Product Design & Development - "Ethernet-Based Controllers"

DMC-31x3 Flexible-Distributed controllers have been designed for machines requiring multi-axis controllers operating in a distributed network

Electronic Design - "Ethernet-30 Years and Still Going Strong"

Wireless Ethernet grabs the headlines, but a steady stream of technology advances fortify Ethernet's wired side.

DesignFax - "The Controller/Drive Sandwich"

Galil's DMC-21x3 Controller n' Drive sandwich is awarded the five star product of the month.

Sensors Magazine - "An Introduction to Piezoelectric Motors"

Introduction to ultrasonic piezoelectric motors which offer high precision

Journal of Biomechanics - "Measurement of a Spinal Motion Segment Stiffness Matrix"

6-Axis Galil motion controller used for research in spinal joint movement

Machine Design - "Distribute and Conquer: Ethernet Tackles Motion Control"

Jacob Tal discusses ethernet-based distributed control systems

PT Design - "Backlash Compensation"

Jacob Tal discusses various compensation methods for reducing the effects of system backlash.

Sensors Magazine - "What Every Designer Must Know About Motion Control"

Jacob Tal reviews motion control fundamentals including system tuning.

PT Design - "Advanced Compensation Tools"

Jacob Tal discusses integrator freeze, low pass filters and notch filters

DesignFax - "All the World's A Stage"

Galil controllers used on Broadway to move sets

PT Design - "Automatic Tuning"

Various methods for automatic tuning are presented

PT Design - "System Compensation"

System stability, damping and accuracy are discussed by Jacob Tal

PT Design - "Optimal Design"

Reviews optimal design topics including optimal velocity profiles, coupling optimization and motor selection

Machine Design - "Optimal Velocity for Start/Stop Systems"

Jacob Tal discusses optimizing velocity profiles to maximize throughput

PT Design - "Motion Control Made Easy"

A review of the basics of motion control systems including system operation, tuning and programming

Machine Design - "Servo Motors Take Piezoceramic Transducers for a Ride"

Jacob Tal discusses the use of piezoceramic transducers for systems requiring sub-micron positioning

Machine Design - "Two Feedback Loops are Better than One"

Jacob Tal discusses a new method for using two feedback sensors to achieve superior accuracy

Machine Design - "USB can Connect the World"

About the use of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) for motion control

Machine Design - "Relieving Tension with Electronic Gearing"

Article by Jacob Tal on the use of digital motion controllers in web-processing lines