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Legacy Upgrade Path

dmc4280-vert_7909_107x250.pngThe DMC-42x0 controller, introduced earlier this year, is the latest addition to the Accelera family. This controller shares most of the firmware features with its counterpart, the DMC-40x0. The DMC-42x0 offers servo update rates as high as 16 kHz with command processing as fast as 40 microseconds. Compared to the prior generation controllers, the DMC-42x0’s update frequency is four times faster with almost double the encoder frequency. The output frequency for steppers, the program memory, and array element space has also been doubled.

[White Paper] Closed-Loop Stepper Motor Performance Gains

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Figure 1 - Linear stepper motor

     Modern motion controllers can include the ability to run stepper motors with encoder feedback, resulting in true closed-loop motion control. This mode of motor control is very similar to standard three-phase brushless servo motor control, where the three phases are offset 120 electrical degrees. With steppers, the motor has two phases offset by 90 electrical degrees. The benefits of closed-loop control with stepper motors include greatly improved velocity smoothness and reduced power consumption compared to open-loop steppers and much higher torque at low velocity compared with traditional three-phase brushless servo motors.