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Introducing Galil Design Kit Lite



The Galil Design Kit (GDK) is Galil's newest software environment that provides easy communication with Galil hardware. GDK is based on the same feature set as Galil's previous generation software but will be a more robust, more user friendly solution for any application.

Galil's AMP-43520, AMP-43540, and AMP-43740 Now Have 16 bit PWM Resolution

The AMP-43520, AMP-43540, and AMP-43740 have been enhanced to incorporate 16 bit PWM resolution. The AMP-43520 and AMP-43540 are 2 and 4 axis 600 Watt sinusoidal amplifiers with a switching frequency of 33 kHz. While, the AMP-43740 is a 4 axis 1200 Watt sinusoidal amplifier with a switching frequency of 20 kHz. Galil has increased the PWM resolution from 12 bit to 16 bit without decreasing the switching frequency. Galil has added the benefits of increasing the resolution on a PWM amplifier without the usual required trade-offs.

[White Paper] The Effects of Amplifier Resolution on Servo Motor Control

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      With continued miniaturization, the requirements for sub micron control of high bandwidth, high resolution, low inertia systems are becoming more and more stringent. To match this demand, the motion control industry has steadily moved to more powerful and higher resolution platforms. This iterative process has continued to drive improvements in the PID control loop and its capabilities from 8 bit systems in the 1980's to today's 16 to 32 bit architectures. Any control system however is only as capable as it's 'weakest' component. 20 bit encoders, 32 bit processors and 16 bit DACs are of limited benefit when the resolution of the amplifier is typically limited to only 12 bits. A 16 bit amplifier with the same high PWM frequency of a 12 bit allows for the full performance capabilities of a modern control system.