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Galil’s RIO Pocket PLC Now Available with Two Ethernet Ports

Submitted by Galil_LisaW on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 14:32

On the market for five years, Galil’s RIO Pocket PLC provides a cost-effective, compact and intelligent solution for programmable I/O control. Standard features of the RIO-47xxx series include 32 digital and 16 analog I/O, program memory with multitasking, PID process control loops, timers, counters, web interface, email alerts, datalogging, Ethernet and RS232 ports.

Welcoming a New Distributor - Dymaxis

Submitted by Galil_MarkM on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 18:26

     Galil is proud to welcome a new distributor in the Pacific Northwest, Dymaxis Inc. Dymaxis is now the only authorized distributor in OR and WA. Dymaxis' co-founders Tim Loose and Max Sutlin have been working with Galil products for 20+ years and bring a wealth of Galil knowledge as well as territory knowledge. 

ServoTrends May 2020  

  • New AMP-435x7 all in one multi-axis drive
  • New gcaps Remote Connect
  • New GDK Software Tool - MotorSizer
  • Closed Loop Stepper PartNumberGenerator option
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in September 2020

ServoTrends June 2019  

  • What's New in GDK
  • New GDK Step by Step Video now available
  • Application Note: Using Notch Filters to Mitigate Resonance
  • EDD EtherCAT Slave adds TwinCAT Support
  • Welcome New PNW Distributor-Dymaxis
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in June and October 2019

ServoTrends January 2019  

  • New RIO-47162 Pocket PLC Has 64 Digital and 16 Analog I/O, and Two Ethernet Ports
  • Galil Design Kit Videos Now Available
  • Customer Story: Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in February 2019