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Galil’s DMC-40x0 Accelera and DMC-41x3 Econo Ethernet motion controllers are now available with additional multi-axis servo and stepper drive options. The AMP-43540 4-axis 600W brushless sine drive is now available in a 2-axis model as the AMP-43520, and the SDM-44040 4-axis stepper drive is available with 2-axis as the SDM-44020. The new 2-axis drive options provide additional cost savings for OEM applications.

AMP-435x0 2- and 4-axis 600 W Servo Drives with Sine Commutation (-D3520, -D3540)

The AMP-43540 contains four transconductance, PWM amplifiers for driving brushed or brushless servo motors with sinusoidal commutation and the AMP-43520 contains two PWM amplifiers. Each amplifier drives motors operating at up to 8 Amps rms cont.,   15 Amps peak, 20–80 VDC.
The gain settings of the amplifier are user-programmable at 0.4, 0.8 and 1.6 Amp/Volt. The switching frequency is 33 KHz. The amplifier offers protection for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature. Hall sensors are not required for brushless motor commutation.  A shunt regulator option is available.

SDM-440x0 2- and 4-axis Stepper Drives (-D4020, -D4040)

The SDM-44040 contains four drives for operating two-phase bipolar step motors and the SDM-44020 contains two stepper drives. The SDM-440x0 requires a single 12–30 VDC input. The unit is user-configurable for 1.4 A, 1.0 A, 0.75 A, or 0.5 A per phase and for full step, half-step, 1/4 step or 1/16 step.

Highlights of DMC-40x0 and DMC-41x3 Series

The DMC-40x0 Accelera and DMC-41x3 Econo motion controllers are available in 1-through 8-axis formats, and each axis is user configurable for stepper and servo motor operation. The controllers are available as a controller-only model for interface to external drives of any power range or as a controller packaged with an integrated stepper or servo drive. Drive options for the DMC-40x0 and DMC-41x3 controllers are the same and are listed in Table 2.

Standard features of the DMC-40x0 and DMC-41x3 controllers include PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feed forward, memory for user programs, multitasking for simultaneously running up to eight programs, and I/O processing for synchronizing motion with external events. Modes of motion include point-to-point positioning, position tracking, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing, ECAM, and PVT. The DMC-40x0 Accelera controller uses a faster version of the microprocessor allowing the controller to achieve 40 microsecond command processing, accept encoder inputs up to 22 MHz, and perform servo loop updates at 62 microseconds.
Standard isolated inputs of the DMC-40x0 and DMC-41x3 controllers include forward and reverse limits for each axis and a home input for each axis. 1-through 4-axis models include 8 isolated, digital inputs and 8 isolated, digital outputs. 5 through 8-axis models include 16 inputs and 16 outputs.
Like all Galil controllers, the DMC-41x3 controllers are programmed with Galil’s intuitive, 2-letter command language, making them easy to program. Galil’s command language has used the same 2-letter format for over 25 years and is similar across both single and multi-axis controller platforms. The GalilTools and new GalilSuite software simplifies system set-up with automated servo tuning and real-time display of motion information in the time domain.
For complete pricing and specifications for the DMC-41x3 series, see:

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