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In addition to ServoTrends (Galil's quarterly news letter), Galil also provides What's New At Galil. This informational letter will keep you up to date on everything Galil on a monthly basis! It will contain information about our new and exciting products, enhancements to existing products, training announcements, and technical motion control articles. If you are already registered for the ServoTrends news letter you will be receiving the What's New At Galil news letter as well. If not register now to receive your free copy via email!

New GDK Software Tool- MotorSizer!

   Introducing the latest addition to Galil's software suite, the MotorSizer tool. This powerful tool offers a straightforward method of selecting the proper motors for a particular application with the same ease of use GDK is known for. The tool asks for various application details such as load mass and top speed, then provides a list of motors carried by your local Galil distributor with the appropriate motors highlighted. You can use this list to narrow down your search for motors and contact your distributor for more details. 

Closed Loop Stepper Firmware

     Stepper motors are employed in a variety of applications across the engineering spectrum because they are inexpensive, simple to operate, and offer high torque at low speeds. The primary drawbacks of stepper motors are lack of position feedback and stalls; the user assumes that the stepper 'got there.' The addition of an encoder to the system can mitigate these drawbacks but at the cost of increased move and settle time. Galil's new Closed Loop Stepper Firmware overcomes these drawbacks while keeping move and settle times low. The result is precise motion and positioning with the low speed/high torque benefits of a stepper motor.

Galil's Two Day Product Workshop has gone Virtual!

     Our sold out May product workshop was the first ever to be held remotely. The classroom and lab portions of the class were conducted live via 8x8. Galil demo boxes were sent to attendees so the hands on aspect was not lost. Our next available class is scheduled for September 16th -17th, 2020.

What's new in GDK?

     The Galil Design Kit (GDK) is Galil’s premier software environment that provides easy communication with Galil’s motion controllers and PLCs. The tools in this package continue to be enhanced and expanded. Here's what's new