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   Introducing the latest addition to Galil's software suite, the MotorSizer tool. This powerful tool offers a straightforward method of selecting the proper motors for a particular application with the same ease of use GDK is known for. The tool asks for various application details such as load mass and top speed, then provides a list of motors carried by your local Galil distributor with the appropriate motors highlighted. You can use this list to narrow down your search for motors and contact your distributor for more details. 

MotorSizer Walk through:


Step 1: Select Axis

The first step is to select an axis. From this screen, the user can create, rename, and delete axis profiles. The progress for each axis profile is automatically saved and can be revisited later.

Figure 1: Select Axis Tab

Step 2: Select Actuator

From this screen, the user selects the actuator type, which determines the parameters that the MotorSizer asks for in the future steps.

Figure 2: Select Actuator Tab

Step 3: Select Actuator

This is where application parameters such as load mass, load force, and inertia are added. The required inputs vary based on the selected actuator. The inertia in this step can be calculated automatically if desired. Units can be mixed and matched for convenience.

Figure 3: Load Description Tab

Step 4: Reducer Tab

In this step, the user will enter values for their reducer. An example of a reducer would be a gearbox between the the motor and load. If no reducer is being used, the user can enter a reduction ratio of 1 to 1, 100% efficiency, 0 inertia, and 0 friction torque.

Figure 4: Reducer Tab

Step 5: Motion Profile Tab

Here the user enters a motion profile for the load to follow. Parameters include the move distance, rest time (the time in between moves), and other parameters. Once these are entered, the “Calculate” button will generate a velocity graph and calculate the remaining values accordingly.

Figure 5:Motion Profile Tab

Step 6: Select Motor Tab

Once these steps are complete, the user will be shown a list of motors to choose from. Motors with the green check mark are those that are capable of producing the torques and speeds required by the previously defined load and motion profile parameters. Users can select from motors carried by their local distributor by clicking “More Motors”, or they can add their own motors by clicking “New”.

Figure 6: Selecting Motor Tab

Step 7: Select Amplifier Tab

Next, a list of available Galil internal motor drivers is displayed. The drives capable of driving the selected motor have a green check mark. Additional amplifiers can be added to the list by clicking the “New” button.

Figure 7:Select Amplifier Tab

Step 8: Report Tab

In the final step, a complete report is generated that includes all of the details specified in the previous steps. This report can be exported as a PDF, allowing the user to save and share the report as needed.

Figure 8:Report Tab