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Event Driven Programming

Submitted by rogerp on Tue, 10/23/2012 - 16:26



This article provides a more advanced introduction to the Galil COM library. Specifically event based execution will be introduced using the three COM library events, onRecord, onMessage, and onInterrupt. The example will guide users, with minimal experience, to build the following application.

Welcoming a New Distributor - Dymaxis

Submitted by Galil_MarkM on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 18:26

     Galil is proud to welcome a new distributor in the Pacific Northwest, Dymaxis Inc. Dymaxis is now the only authorized distributor in OR and WA. Dymaxis' co-founders Tim Loose and Max Sutlin have been working with Galil products for 20+ years and bring a wealth of Galil knowledge as well as territory knowledge. 

New Drive Options for DMC-40x0 and DMC-41x3 Multi-axis Controllers

Submitted by Galil_MarkM on Fri, 04/06/2012 - 14:36

Galil’s DMC-40x0 Accelera and DMC-41x3 Econo Ethernet motion controllers are now available with additional multi-axis servo and stepper drive options. The AMP-43540 4-axis 600W brushless sine drive is now available in a 2-axis model as the AMP-43520, and the SDM-44040 4-axis stepper drive is available with 2-axis as the SDM-44020. The new 2-axis drive options provide additional cost savings for OEM applications.

Master Slave Networking with multiple controllers

Submitted by Galil_JohnH on Wed, 12/05/2012 - 12:13
Ethernet daisy Chain

For users that need to expand their IO across multiple devices, Galil Ethernet based controllers have a built-in Master/Slave capability.  This means that if a system has an Ethernet based DMC motion controller yet needs to add one or more RIO units to expand the IO capability, the DMC controller can be set up to reference the RIO inputs and outputs automatically.  Likewise, if a system needs to have multiple RIO Pocket PLC units - any one of those units can be set up as the "Master" controller such that it automatically references the i/o of all of the slave units.  The only limits to this are  the number of Ethernet handles that the master RIO or DMC unit has available. (Note: use the TH command to see how many handles a particular product has available).