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Ethernet/RS232 Econo Motion Controllers, 1-8 axes

Customize Controller

Galil's DMC-21x3 Ethernet motion controllers are designed for extremely cost-sensitive and space-sensitive applications. The DMC-21x3 controllers are available with a variety of plug-in, multi-axis amplifier boards that are designed to eliminate the wiring and any connectivity issues between the controller and drives. Plug-in amplifiers are available for driving stepper, brush and brushless servo motors up to 500 Watts. Or, the DMC-21x3 can be connected to external drives of any power range.

The DMC-21x3 series is available in one through eight axis versions and can be configured for control of step or servo motors on any combination of axes. It measures just 4.25" x 7.0" for one through four-axis models and 4.25" x 10.75" for five through eight axes. With a 32-bit microcomputer, the DMC-21x3 controllers provide such advanced features as PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward, program memory with multitasking for simultaneously running eight applications programs, and uncommitted I/O for synchronizing motion with external events. Modes of motion include point-to-point positioning, position tracking, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing and ecam.

Like all Galil controllers, programming the DMC-21x3 is simplified with two-letter, intuitive commands and a full set of software tools such as GDK for servo tuning and analysis.

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  • For new Econo applications, Galil recommends the new generation DMC-41x3 series controllers.
  • Ethernet 10Base-T port; (1) 19.2kb RS232 port
  • Card-level controller in 1 through 8 axis versions: DMC-21x3 where x=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 axes
  • User-configurable for stepper or servo motors on any combination of axes
  • Optional plug-in amplifier boards for driving stepper, brush or brushless servo motors up to 500 Watts
  • Ethernet supports multiple masters and multiple slaves. TCP/IP, UDP and ModBus TCP master protocol for communication with I/O devices
  • Accepts encoder frequencies up to 12 MHz for servos and outputs up to 3 MHz for steppers
  • PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward, integration limits, notch filter and low-pass filter
  • Modes of motion include jogging, point-to-point positioning, contouring, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing and ECAM. Ellipse scaling, slow-down around corners, infinite segment feed and feedrate override
  • Multitasking for concurrent execution of up to eight application programs
  • Non-volatile memory for application programs, variables and arrays
  • Dual encoders for every servo axis
  • Home input and forward and reverse limits accepted for every axis
  • High speed position latch and output compare for each axis
  • 8 TTL uncommitted inputs and 8 outputs for 1- through 4-axis models; 16 inputs and 16 outputs for 5- through 8-axis models
  • Optically isolated I/O and 500 mA high side outputs available with ICM-20105
  • Add 8 analog inputs and 40 digital I/O with DB-28040; Add more I/O with RIO PLC
  • DB-28104 provides sinusoidal interpolation for Sin/Cos encoders
  • 1-4 axes card: 4.25" x 7.0"; 5-8 axes card: 4.25" x 10.75"
  • DIN-Rail mounting option
  • Accepts +5V, +/-12V DC inputs; DC-to-DC converter option for single 9V to 72V DC input
  • Mating ICM-201xx provides D-connectors for each axis
  • Communication drivers for Windows, QNX, and Linux
  • Custom hardware and firmware options available

Use the Part Number Generator to help configure and price a system.

Part Number Description 1 pc 100 pc
Ethernet 1-axis 96-pin $890 $670
Ethernet 2-axis 96-pin $995 $745
Ethernet 3-axis 96-pin $1175 $815
Ethernet 4-axis 96-pin $1340 $890
Ethernet 5-axis 96-pin $1455 $950
Ethernet 6-axis 96-pin $1565 $1000
Ethernet 7-axis 96-pin $1675 $1060
Ethernet 8-axis 96-pin $1775 $1115
ICM with four 20W servo drives $220 $175
ICM with four 200W servo drives $665 $340
ICM with two 500W servo drives $665 $445
ICM with four 500W servo drives $880 $555
modification for DB-28040 installation $50 $25
Box for DMC-2143/ICM-20105 $110 $80
Digital and Analog I/O Board $310 $205
Sine/Cosine Encoder Input Board $395 $255
DC-to-DC converter for 9-18V $100 $70
DC-to-DC converter for 18-36V $100 $70
DC-to-DC converter for 36-72V $100 $70
DIN rail mount option $100 $50
Interconnect with D-type $95 $75
Interconnect with optoisolated I/O $195 $145
ICM with four stepper drives $225 $200
ICM with four microstep drives $785 $445
Shunt regulator for AMP-205x0 $79 $42

Note: Pricing shown is for domestic purchases only.

Image Part Number Description
Application development, servo tuning, analysis, and backup.
Tools for communications and Software Developers
12A-24 VDC Power supply
6A-48 VDC Power Supply
30A-24 VDC Power Supply
15A-48 VDC Power Supply
15-pin HD male D to discrete wires-1 meter
15-pin HD male D to discrete wires-2 meter
44-pin HD male D to discrete wires-1 meter
44-pin HD male D to discrete wires-2 meter
RS232 female to female straight through cable
44-pin D HD male to screw terminals
15-pin D LD female to screw term