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GalilTools programming software for Galil controllers

GalilTools is Galil's set of software tools for current Galil controllers. It is highly recommended for all first-time purchases of Galil controllers as it provides easy set-up, tuning and analysis. GalilTools replaces the WSDK Tuning software with an improved user-interface, real-time scopes and communications utilities.

The Galil Tools set contains the following tools: Scope, Editor, Terminal, Watch and Tuner, and a Communication Library for development with Galil Controllers.

The powerful Scope Tool is ideal for system analysis as it captures numerous types of data for each axis in real-time. Up to eight channels of data can be displayed at once, and additional real-time data can be viewed by changing the scope settings. This allows literally hundreds of parameters to be analyzed during a single data capture sequence. A rising or falling edge trigger feature is also included for precise synchronization of data.

The Program Editor Tool allows for easy writing of application programs and multiple editors to be open simultaneously.

The Terminal Tool provides a window for sending and receiving Galil commands and responses.

The Watch Tool displays controller parameters in a tabular format and includes units and scale factors for easy viewing.

The Tuning Tool helps select PID parameters for optimal servo performance.

The Communication Library provides function calls for communicating to Galil Controllers with C++ (Windows and Linux) and COM enabled languages such as VB C#, and Labview (Windows only).

GalilTools runs on Windows and Linux platforms as standard with other platforms available on request.

GalilTools-Lite is available at no charge and contains the Editor, Terminal, Watch and Communication Library tools only.


Part Number Description 1 pc 100 pc
GalilTools programming software for Galil controllers $195 $195

Note: Pricing shown is for domestic purchases only.