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Suite of Software Tools for Galil Hardware

GalilSuite is the previous generation software for Galil's RIO PLC's and motion controllers. GalilSuite replaces GalilTools and the WSDK Tuning software with powerful software tools for Galil controllers. An improved user-interface, enhanced servo tuning capabilities with multiple tuning methods, real-time scopes, multiple device management and simplified communications utilities are just a fraction of the feature set provided by GalilSuite.

A new, comprehensive GUI with a tool-bar presentation provides an easy way to manage your complete system. It uses tabs to organize multiple connections, and allows all of GalilSuite's tools to act as a seamless single-application that is easy to manage and maintain.

The new Scope Tool is ideal for system analysis as it captures numerous types of data for each axis in real-time. Multiple controllers and multiple channels of data can be displayed at once permitting all vital data to be graphed and analyzed during a single data capture sequence. A powerful trigger feature allows for the precise capture of data.

GalilSuite's Tuner Tool now provides four methods for tuning, with a graphical view of multiple tuning responses. A customizable Watch Tool simplifies debugging through a single view showing data-records, variables and arrays of any controller on the system.

GalilSuite runs on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux as standard, with other platforms available on request.

GalilSuite is available at no charge and contains the all Tools except the Scope Tool and Tuner Tool. A software license is required to use the complete tool set.


Part Number Description 1 pc 100 pc
GalilTools programming software for Galil controllers $195 $195

Note: Pricing shown is for domestic purchases only.


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