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This article provides a sample project demonstrating a method to record indefinitely from a controller by uploading subsets of data from a free running circular array record using the RC/RD/RA commands.

With this method, only the host PC's hard drive is the limiting factor for the amount of data that can be stored.

Example Screen Cap


  • Lowered TM
  • Array Record, RC/RD/RA
  • Array upload via QU command

Details/Special Instructions

  • VB 2010 Express, Console App
  • GalilTools
  • Install GalilTools before using Demo (This installs and registers the Galil COM component)
  • This Demo was tested on a 4123 and uses TM125 and an array of 16000 elements. This provides a sampling frequency of 4 KHz.
  • A "Verify" project is included to read in large files and verify all data was captured without dropped samples. This project can be used as a starting point for dealing with the file output of the "infinite" array.