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ServoTrends May 2020  

  • New AMP-435x7 all in one multi-axis drive
  • New gcaps Remote Connect
  • New GDK Software Tool - MotorSizer
  • Closed Loop Stepper PartNumberGenerator option
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in September 2020

ServoTrends June 2019  

  • What's New in GDK
  • New GDK Step by Step Video now available
  • Application Note: Using Notch Filters to Mitigate Resonance
  • EDD EtherCAT Slave adds TwinCAT Support
  • Welcome New PNW Distributor-Dymaxis
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in June and October 2019

ServoTrends January 2019  

  • New RIO-47162 Pocket PLC Has 64 Digital and 16 Analog I/O, and Two Ethernet Ports
  • Galil Design Kit Videos Now Available
  • Customer Story: Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in February 2019

ServoTrends June 2018  

  • New 1.3 PartNumberGenerator Release
  • New Step-By-Step Galil Tool for GDK
  • Galil Internal Sine Amplifier Upgrade
  • Customer Story: Dynatorch
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in August 2018

ServoTrends November 2017  

  • EDD-3701x New EtherCAT Drive
  • New Means of Communication for GDK Software
  • [White Paper] Advanced Control Techniques for Real World Drivetrains
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in January 2018

ServoTrends June 2017  

  • [Webinar] Closed-Loop Control of Stepper Motors
  • [White Paper] Transconductance vs Voltage Amplifiers
  • [White Paper] Forms of Closed Loop Stepper Control
  • [App Note] Positioning a Stepper Motor Using Encoder Feedback on an Axis with Non-linear Mechanics Announcement
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in March 2017

ServoTrends Feb 2017  

  • [Webinar] Using Raspberry Pi to Create Powerful, Low Cost Solutions with Galil Controllers
  • Galil Now Provides Support for Linux
  • [White Paper] Advanced Applications of Electronic Gearing Part 2
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in March 2017

ServoTrends Oct 2016  

  • Introducing GDK's Scope and Tuner Tools
  • [Application Note] Tuning a Piezomotor DMC-30019 and LEGS Piezoelectric Motor for High Resolution Motion Control
  • Exosent Engineering: Welding Non-Concentric Cylinders
  • [White Paper] Compensating For External Forces in Motion Control Applications

ServoTrends July 2016  

  • The New DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT Master, 32 Axis Now Available
  • [White Paper] Ethernet or EtherCAT for Motion Control Webinar: Choosing the Right Network for Your Application
  • The Parker P Series Now Supported
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in September 2016

ServoTrends Apr 2016  

  • Introducing Galil Design Kit Lite
  • Galil's AMP-43520, AMP-43540, and AMP-43740 Now Have 16 bit PWM Resolution
  • [White Paper] The Effects of Amplifier Resolution on Servo Motor Control
  • Check Out Galil's New EtherCAT Video
  • Australian Synchrotron EPICS Upgrades
  • The Conformance Tested RIO-57420 is Now Available with 16 bit Analog I/O
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in May 2016

ServoTrends Jan 2016  

  • New EtherCAT I/O Controller
  • Closed-Loop Stepper Motor Performance Gains
  • Controlling a Stepper as a Closed-Loop Brushless Motor
  • Modbus Enhancements for the DMC-40x0, DMC-42x0, and DMC-41x3
  • Legacy Upgrade Path
  • EtherCAT or Ethernet for Motion Control Webinar: Choosing the Right Network for Your Applications
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in January 2016

ServoTrends Oct 2015  

  • Introducing the New DMC-42x0 Ethernet Controller
  • Galil Controller Deliverers High Bandwidth Response on ALIO Stage
  • Galil Controller Provides Six Degrees of Freedom on ALIO Stage
  • The New DMC-3x014
  • The New AMP-43740 4-Axis Servo Amplifier

ServoTrends Jun 2015  

  • Diagnostic CT Scan Imaging System Assess the Structural Integrity of Corrugated Metal Pipe
  • Introducing Galil’s New C Programming Library

ServoTrends Feb 2015  

  • The New AMP-43740 4-Axis Servo Amplifier
  • The New DMC-500x0 EtherCAT Controller

ServoTrends Jun 2014  

  • The DMC-40×0 and DMC-41×3 Now Have Twice The Program Memory!
  • Galil Now Offers EPICS Driver Baselines
  • Spring Compensation In A Linear Motor System Using A Galil Controller
  • Galil Provides Custom Motion Controllers and PLCs to Meet Project Specifications
  • Customer Story: Galil Automates Extraordinary Artwork: The Sonic Plaza at East Carolina University
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in July 2014

ServoTrends November 2013  

  • Galil Supports 2-Phase Closed-Loop Brushless (Step) Motors
  • Galil Motion Control Receives ISO 13485:2003 Certification
  • Exciting New Options for the RIO-47300
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in February 2014

ServoTrends July 2013  

  • Thirty Years of Innovation from Galil
  • Customer Story: Pine Instrument
  • GalilSuite Configures, Analyzes and Tunes - on Windows or Linux
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in February 2014

ServoTrends April 2013  

  • DMC-40x0 Accelera Series Now Available with 2 Ethernet Ports
  • Sin/Cos Encoders and Sinusoidal Drives help Galil Controllers Achieve Ultra-Precise Motion
  • GalilSuite Software is now available on Linux Red Hat 5.x
  • Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in July 2013

ServoTrends January 2013  

  • GalilSuite Software in Full Release - Improved Scope and Tuning Tools
  • Galil's RIO-47300 Pocket PLC Has 48 Digital and 16 Analog I/O, and Two Ethernet Ports
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends October 2012  

  • New RIO Pocket PLC Has Two Ethernet Ports
  • Tips for Using Galil Optoisolated Outputs: New 2-Minute Video
  • Director of Marketing is Hired at Galil
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends July 2012  

  • Low-Cost Stepper Drive Option Now Available for DMC-30000 Pocket Motion Controller Series
  • Galil Controller Used to Help Paraplegic Surgeon Perform Operations Again
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends April 2012  

  • New Options for DMC-30000 Pocket Motion Controller Series
  • New! 2-Axis Servo & Stepper Drives for DMC-41x3,-40x0 Controllers
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends January 2012  

  • Introducing GalilSuite - Software Provides More Flexibility and Multiple Tuning Methods
  • Galil Pocket Motion Controller in Full Release
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends October 2011  

  • Introducing Galil's DMC-300xx Pocket Motion Controller
  • Key Benefits of Galil's High Performance Controller/Drive Products
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends July 2011  

  • New Frequency Analysis Software for Servo Tuning in Frequency Domain
  • Trapezodial vs Sinusoidal Brushless Amplifiers
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends April 2011  

  • Galil Introduces Servo Drives with Sinusoidal Commutation
  • Brushless Sine Drives - Application Note
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends January 2011  

  • New DMC-41x3 Motion Controller - Higher Performance at a Lower Price
  • New 750W 4-axis Servo Drive for DMC-41x3 and DMC-40x0 Controllers
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends October 2010  

  • New Expanded Memory Option for RIO-472xx with Screw-Terminals
  • New 2-Minute Video: Using the GalilTools Scope to Help Tune a Servo Motor
  • Using BiSS Encoders with Galil Controllers
  • Galil's DMC-2143 Controls Flight Simulator for the Youth in Aviation Programs (PDF)
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends July 2010  

  • Introducing New DMC-41x3 Econo Motion Controller with Ethernet
  • New Features on the RIO Pocket PLC
  • Optimizing Servo Performance - Galil and Nanomotion Team Up
  • 2010/2011 Catalog Now Available

ServoTrends April 2010  

  • New GalilPVT Software Tool for PVT Mode of Motion
  • New 2-Minute Video: Establishing Communication with a Galil Controller
  • 2-Minute Technical Videos
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends January 2010  

  • Galil Achieves 100th Consecutive Quarter of Profitability
  • New 2-Minute Technical Videos
  • GalilTools Supported on Windows 7
  • Using BiSS Encoders with Galil Controllers

ServoTrends October 2009  

  • Galil Adds Position-Velocity-Time Mode for Smooth Motion
  • New Encoder Input Option for RIO Pocket PLC
  • Free Online Support Tools from Galil

ServoTrends July 2009  

  • List of Standard Options for Galil Controllers and Drives
  • Alternative Feedback/Encoder Options such as SSI and Resolvers
  • Options for Precise Laser Control
  • Handling Coordinate Transformations with Galil Controllers

ServoTrends April 2009  

  • Galil Releases GalilTools Version
  • DMC-40x0 and RIO Now Available with ETL and CE Certification
  • RIO-47200 Pocket with Screw Terminals Now Available with Metal Cover
  • New Features in the Accelera Command Set

ServoTrends January 2009  

  • Galil Launches Updated and Expanded Website
  • Galil Now Offers Screw Terminals and Expanded Memory for RIO Pocket PLC
  • RIO Pocket PLC Video now Online
  • 2009 Catalog Available
  • Achieving Accurate Instantaneous Velocity Control

ServoTrends October 2008  

  • Achieving Ultra-Fast, Precision Motion
  • Modes of Motion Zone: Electronic CAM
  • Galil Celebrates 25th Anniversary of First Shipment

ServoTrends July 2008  

  • New GalilTools API Allows x64/x86 Windows & Linux Programming
  • Visit "Tech Talk" for the Latest Technical Tips by Galil Application Engineers
  • Galil and MSM Help Filmmakers Move into New Golden Age of 3D Movies

ServoTrends April 2008  

  • Galil's new Ladder Interface Software Simplifies RIO Programming
  • New DMC-40x0 Option Allows Easier Connection to External Drives
  • Galil's Ethernet PLCs are Smart and Cost-Effective
  • Automated Tube Handling Ensures Accurate Analysis of Human Fluids
  • Galil Introduces Ladder Interface Software

ServoTrends January 2008  

  • New GalilTools Software Includes Powerful, Real-time Scope
  • Galil Offers Free 2008 Motion Control Catalog
  • Galil and TomoTherapy Target Cancerous Tumors with Precision
  • Galil's RIO-47100 Provides Cost-effective, Intelligent I/O Handling

ServoTrends October 2007  

  • New RIO-47100 for Cost-Effective, Intelligent I/O Handling
  • Example Application using RIO-47100
  • Galil is Moving to a new Address
  • New PSR Power Supply with Shunt Regulator
  • Galil and PVP help Military fight at a safe distance

ServoTrends July 2007  

  • Galil Assists WET Design in Creating Performance Water Sculptures
  • New Microsite Offers Latest News and Videos at
  • Optical Isolation Option for DMC-40x0 Extended I/O
  • Considerations for Laser Marking Applications

ServoTrends April 2007  

  • Accelera Series - Sizzling Speed. Fully Loaded.
  • Galil software supports Windows Vista
  • Accelera Series Web Tutorial now online
  • Easy Set-up with Galil's MotorConnect
  • Over 500,000 Galil Controllers Sold
  • ICM-42100 for Sinusoidal Encoder Inputs
  • New Galil Drivers for Steeplechase VLC software

ServoTrends January 2007  

  • New DMC-40x0 Accelera Controller Takes Off
  • 2007 Product Catalog with Updated Specs and Pricing is Now Available
  • Galil's Precise Controller Helps IOL Restore Eyesight

ServoTrends September 2006  

  • New DMC-40x0 Accelera Controller with Ethernet/RS232
  • Galil's C-language API for Linux 2.6
  • Nanopositioning with ALIO Ceramic Stages and Galil Controllers

ServoTrends April 2006  

  • Phoenix Contact Develops Screw-Terminal Interface Board for DMC-21x3
  • Amplifier and Accessory Guidelines for DMC-21x3 Galil Motion Controllers
  • Backlash Compensation Option Now has 2D Error Correction
  • Phase Shift Feature for ECAM Explained
  • Monitor Settling Times with New WSDK Tuning Tool

ServoTrends January 2006  

  • Galil Begins Shipment of RoHS Compliant Controllers
  • Galil Now Offers Device Drivers For 64bit Platforms
  • 2006 Product Catalog with Updated Specs and Pricing is Now Available
  • HelloGalil - Quickstart for PC Programming Languages
  • New DMC Sample Code Library on the Web

ServoTrends October 2005  

  • New Stepper Motor Position Maintenance Mode
  • Instruction Set Enhancement for DMC-18x6 Accelera Controllers
  • Enhanced PartNumberGenerator for Cam Tables with Linear Sections
  • New PartNumberGenerator Release
  • EXOR provides Galil Interface to PLCs and Other Devices

ServoTrends July 2005  

  • Galil Introduces the Next Generation in Motion Control: The Accelera Series
  • High-Speed Command Processing with DMC-18x6 Accelera Controller
  • Galil Controller Steers Team Mojavaton's Autonomous Vehicle

ServoTrends April 2005  

  • Galil Offers Three New Options for DMC-21x3 Controller & Drives
  • Comparing Bipolar and Unipolar Switching Systems in Brushless Drives
  • Galil Introduces NEW MotorSizer Web-Tool

ServoTrends January 2005  

  • New DB-28104: Sinusoidal Interpolation of Sin/Cos Encoders
  • Interconnect Solutions for DMC-21x3 controllers
  • Galil's Roadmap to Complying with EU directives
  • Three New MotionCode Solutions Added to Library
  • Download Latest PartNumberGenerator for Galil Controllers
  • Galil .NET API Aids Development of Windows-based .NET Applications

ServoTrends October 2004  

  • New CDS-3310: Single Axis Ethernet Controller and Drive System
  • Introducing MotionCode Toolkit - Step by Step Solutions
  • Sub-Micron Positioning Accuracy in High Resolution Systems

ServoTrends July 2004  

  • A Message from the President of Galil
  • Enhanced PartNumberGenerator Provides Position Tracking and Ramp to Gearing
  • View Free Web Tutorials on Microstepping
  • Gradual Shift into Gear

ServoTrends April 2004  

  • New SDM-20640 Microstepping Drive for DMC-21x3
  • Microstepping: Addressing Performance, Resolution and Accuracy
  • View Free Web Tutorials on Motion Control

ServoTrends January 2004  

  • New AMP-20540 Cover Increases Safety at Higher Voltages
  • New I/O Module for High Power Digital Outputs
  • New SmartTerm Version 6.1 with IP Helper and Macro Editor
  • Backlash Compensation with Closed Loop Steppers
  • Galil Receives CE Certification for New Products
  • DMC-1800 Dual Port Ram for High Speed Data Access

ServoTrends September 2003  

  • Opto-isolation for the DMC-21x3
  • AMP-19540 for driving 500W motors
  • New Distributed Control option for DMC-21x3
  • Using Shunt Regulators
  • Suitability of Ethernet in Motion Control

ServoTrends June 2003  

  • New 500Watt Brush/Brushless Servo Amplifier for DMC-21x3
  • A Guide to Motor Options for Galil Controller n' Drive Sandwiches
  • Reviewing the Myriad of Motion Control Choices
  • New SmartMoves Spotlights Book
  • Stay Current with Motion Control with Galil's Web Tutorials
  • When Choosing Between Analog or Digital Amplifiers, Consider a Hybrid

ServoTrends April 2003  

  • Selecting the Right Motion Controller
  • New 200-Watt Servo Amplifier Board Options for DMC-21x3
  • How to Combine Bandwidth with Feedforward for Best Results

ServoTrends January 2003  

  • Introducing NEW series of Low Cost Amplifier options for the DMC-21x3
  • Add 40 I/O and 8 Analog Inputs to the 21x3
  • New Nema23 Brushless Servo Motor
  • Sharpen your Skills at Galil's In-House Technical Workshop
  • New Software Drivers for Better Performance

ServoTrends October 2002  

  • Introducing the DMC-21x3 which uses a 96pin DIN connector
  • Jacob Tal's 15 minute video on programming and tuning a Galil Controller
  • Advantages of the IOC-7007 "Intelligent I/O" Controller
  • Free On-line tutorial introduces the DMC-21x2 and 21x3 controllers

ServoTrends July 2002  

  • Introducing the new DMC-21x2 for Low-Cost 1-8 axis Motion Control
  • Selecting the BEST Tuning Method
  • Benefits of Ethernet in Motion Control Applications
  • Interconnection Options for Optima Series Controllers

ServoTrends April 2002  

  • Ethernet Communication between Galil and the DVT Vision System
  • Tips for Successful PID tuning
  • Using Galil controllers with Entivity Studio software
  • FREE Motion Control Course

ServoTrends January 2002  

  • New Intelligent I/O Controller for Ethernet
  • Galil and Operator Interface Panels
  • Ultrasonic Motors Can Scan Too
  • New Web-Tutorial on Step Motor Control

ServoTrends August 2001  

  • New Software Drivers for PCI Controllers
  • Enhancements for DMC-3425 Controller
  • High-Speed , 100Base-T Option Available for DMC-2100 Controller
  • Control of Ultrasonic Motors

ServoTrends April 2001  

  • Galil Releases Ethernet, One and Two-axis Controllers in a Box
  • Optimizing Performance of Systems with Inertial Mismatch
  • Using Galil with LabVIEW
  • New Operator Interface Software from CamSoft

ServoTrends January 2001  

  • Galil Releases Free Linux Drivers
  • Easy Conversion from DMC-1700 ISA to DMC-1800 PCI
  • Analysis of Ethernet Performance for Real-time Motion Control Applications

ServoTrends September 2000  

  • Galil Relocates to Rocklin, California
  • New! E-Series Motion Controllers for Distributed Control Systems
  • New! DB-14064 I/O Expansion Board for 64 I/O
  • Controller Upgrade Options

ServoTrends April 2000  

  • New! DMC-1425 2-axis Ethernet Controller
  • New! DMC-1416 1-axis Ethernet Controller with Amplifier

ServoTrends January 2000  

  • New! DMC-1415 Single Axis Ethernet Controller
  • DMC-2100 Now Supports Modbus

ServoTrends July 1999  

  • DMC-2100 Ethernet Motion Controller
  • DMC-1800 PCI Bus Motion Controller
  • Kaushal Shah Promoted to Applications Support Manager

ServoTrends April 1999  

  • SmartMoves Spotlight Booklet
  • MSM Design and Galil Gear Up for Space

ServoTrends January 1999  

  • DMC-18x2 Low Cost PCI Controller
  • DMC-1414 Single-Axis Controller with Amplifier
  • Third-party Software Developers
  • Resonance Compensation By Notch Filters
  • Galil in Business Journal Top 100

ServoTrends November 1998  

  • DMC-2000 USB Motion Controller
  • Why the USB is so Important
  • Ask Jacob Tal
  • New C-Functions Speed Development

ServoTrends August 1998  

  • Galil Says Yes to C-Programmers
  • General Dual Loop Improves Backlash Compensation
  • Multiple Sets of Coordinated Axes-New Feature

ServoTrends June 1998  

  • DMC-1200 PC/104 controller
  • ActiveX Toolkit Supports LabView and InTouch
  • Speedline Technologies Fluids Dispensing Systems Uses Galil

ServoTrends March 1998  

  • DMC-1600 CompactPCI Bus Controller
  • IOM-1964 Optically Isolated I/O Module
  • Sinusoidal Commutation of Brushless Motors
  • CamSoft CNC Software

ServoTrends January 1998  

  • Major Upgrade for DMC-1700 ISA Bus Controller
  • DMC-17x8 Controller with 64 I/O
  • Maximizing Feedrate for XY Tables