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This article provides a sample project demonstrating one method for writing desired data record values to disk. The data record is a "snapshot" of the controller's state which can be dispatched at a user-defined interval.  This utility allows the user to select the information of interest, the desired sample rate, and a CSV formatted file to save the data. With this method, only the host PC’s hard drive is the limiting factor for the amount of data that can be stored.   example-code-screenshot.png


  • Asynchronous data from the controller
  • Event-driven programming from the GalilTools Communication Library

Details/Special Instructions

  • VB 2010 Express, Forms App
  • GalilTools
  • Install GalilTools before using Demo (This installs and registers the Galil COM component)
  • Controller to be used must support the "DR" data record mode
  • Minimum sample rate depends on the hardware used. See the DR command in the controller command reference for more information.

Check out the Application Examples on the API Examples page.