RTD and Thermocouple Interface for RIO Pocket PLC


No, you do not have to order 16bit resolution. When working with 16bit resolution, it will amplify any noise in the system - so if getting 16bit - make sure that the signals are free of noise. Also, check the minimum resolution of the sensor to see if the extra bits will be beneficial.

There is the actual code for doing the closed loop control of the temperature application on the sample code section of the site in the "I/O Control" category:

Don, for thermocouples it is necessary to have a "cold-junction" temperature reading because a thermocouple can only measure temperature difference. Many times an RTD is used to do this. However, if you are planning on using the SCB-483×6 Thermocouple interface - there is already a built in cold-junction temperature measurement so we already handle it for you. It also handles the temperature "curve" associated with a thermocouple.