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The ICM-42000 (-I000) resides inside the DMC-40x0 enclosure and breaks out the internal CPU board connector into convenient D-sub connectors for interface to external amplifiers and I/O devices. The ICM-42000 provides a 15-pin HD D-sub connector for the encoders on each axis, a 15-pin D-sub for analog inputs, a 44-pin HD D-sub for I/O, and a 44-pin D-sub for the motor command signals. Eight 500 mA highside drive outputs are available (total current not to exceed 3 A). The ICM-42000 is user-configurable for a broad range of amplifier enable options including: High amp enable, Low amp enable, 5 V logic, 12 V logic, external voltage supplies up to 24 V and sinking or sourcing. Two ICMs are required for 5- thru 8-axis controllers.  


The ICM-42100 (-I100) option resides inside the DMC-40x0 enclosure and accepts sinusoidal encoder signals in addition to standard, differential quadrature encoder signals. The -I100 board can provide interpolation for up to four 1 Vpk-pk differential sinusoidal encoders resulting in a higher position resolution. The AF command is used to select the degree of interpolation, see AF in the command reference for more details.

With the ICM-42100, wiring either Sin/Cos or standard differential encoders on an axis will use the same pins, see ICM-42100 Encoder 15 pin HD D-Sub Connector (Female), pg 264 for pin-outs. In addition the -I100 board provides access to much of the I/O of the controller, see Connectors for ICM-42100 Interconnect Board, pg 262 for a complete listing. A11 – ICM-42100 (-I100) 266 DMC-40x0 User Manual. The DMC-40x0 requires specific firmware for the implementation of Sin/Cos encoders. Any DMC-40x0 ordered with the -I100 board will automatically be loaded with this firmware at the factory. With this firmware, the maximum speed settings will be increased from 22,000,000 [cts/s] to 50,000,000 [cts/s].

NOTE Rev B (Rev 1) and newer boards accept quadrature signals but they must be differential.
Rev A (Rev 0) ICM-42100 boards only accept Sin/Cos feedback and does not accept quadrature at all.
See the ID command in the Command Reference for board identification.


The ICM-42200 (-I200) interconnect option resides inside the DMC-40x0 enclosure and provides a pin-out that is optimized for easy connection to external drives. The ICM-42200 uses 26-pin HD D-sub connectors for each axis that includes encoder, limit, home, and motor command signals. Other connectors include a 44-pin HD D-sub for digital I/O, and a 15-pin LD D-sub for analog I/O. The ICM-42200 is configurable on each individual axis for high or low amplifier enable; 5 V, 12 V or isolated input power (up to 24 V); sinking or sourcing. The DMC-40x0 cover does not have to be removed to install these options. Two ICMs are required for 5- through 8-axis controllers.