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Galil's application note library provides useful technical information about various topics including Galil motion controllers and RIO PLCs, DMC programming, software, motors, drives, encoders HMI's and other hardware.

Application Note numbers have special meaning. See the legend below for more information.

A: 1 = Hardware
2 = Application Programming
3 = Firmware
4 = Software
5 = Miscellaneous
B: 1 = Unused
2 = Econo
3 = Legacy
4 = Optima
5 = Accelera
CD: xx = number of the note

Featured Application Notes

Application Note Category
Note 5533: Connecting a Balluff BML S1G BiSS Encoder to a DMC-40x0 Interfacing Hardware (I/O, Encoders, etc...)
Note 3502: Using Notch Filters to Mitigate Resonance Tuning, DMC Programming
Note 5534: Modbus TCP/IP Communications with a Red Lion HMI Touchscreens, HMI's, etc...
Note 1101: Power Supply Sizing Galil Hardware, Cables, Connectors, AMPs and ICMs
Note 1502: Galil BiSS Encoder Setup Guide Feedback Devices
Note 1503: Galil SSI Encoder Setup Guide Feedback Devices
Note 3503: Galil Closed Loop Stepper Firmware Setup Guide Tuning
Note 4502: Using gclib with National Instruments LabVIEW DMC Programming, Software