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Install gclib

.exe .zip

Installation Types

Galil provides an executable installer (recommended) and a zipped archive (for portable installations).

Note that the installer will also automatically install the Visual C++ Redistributable, gcaps, and (optionally) the Galil PCI driver. With a zip installation, users will need to run the bundled installers manually.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 10 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
  • Windows 11 64-bit (x64)

Silent Installation

For developers wishing to bundle gclib within their own installers, execute the installer with the /S switch to run silently with defaults.

Installing Older Versions


Galil recommends first removing any installed versions of software before installing an older version.

Download links for older versions can be found on the on the release notes.

Latest builds for older versions:

Installation Directories

The installation is organized into several directories.

  • dll contains the binary dynamic link libraries (DLLs) for x86 and/or x64 architectures.


    Dynamically linked executables must have the correct dlls in their path at runtime.

  • doc contains the API documentation and a printable, pdf version.

  • examples contains example projects for various compilers. The cpp directory contains x_examples.h and the implementation of the example files documented in the manual.


    Before using the examples, copy the files to a user location such as C:\Users\user\Documents. Failing to do so may cause source files to be deleted upon gclib uninstallation.

  • include contains header files needed for compiling code. The compiler will need to know where these files are at compile time. See the compiler-specific directions for more information, e.g. mingw.

  • lib contains linker files (gclib.lib and gclibo.lib) for x86 and/or x64 architectures. The linker should include gclib.lib and gclibo.lib.
  • source contains source files such as gclibo.c.