gclib  2.0.8
Communications API for Galil controllers and PLCs

The Galil Communication Library (gclib) is a communication library for Galil motion controllers and PLCs. A number of programming languages, operating systems, and hardware platforms are supported.

The library consists of a basic set of function calls (gclib.h), and an open-source extension library (gclibo.h). A number of examples are provided to demonstrate how to use the library with various languages.

gclib will import virtually anywhere a dll/so/dylib can be imported. Please contact suppo.nosp@m.rt@g.nosp@m.alil..nosp@m.com if the language or platform required is not listed.



gclib binaries are covered under the Galil Closed Source License.

The open source portion (gclibo), examples, and wrappers are covered under the Galil Open Source License.

gclib and gcaps use OpenSSL, which is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Getting Started

Release Notes

See the update history of gclib in the release notes.

Galil maintains an RSS page to notify users of updates.

See the update history of gcaps in the release notes.

Technical Support

For help please email suppo.nosp@m.rt@g.nosp@m.alil..nosp@m.com, or call Galil Applications.