gclib  2.0.8
Communications API for Galil controllers and PLCs
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10 #include "examples.h"
11 #include <iostream> //std::cout
12 #include <string> //to_string, string, etc.
13 #include <fstream>
14 using namespace std;
16 bool load_buffer(GCon g, ifstream& fs, int capacity);
36 GReturn vector(GCon g, char* file)
37 {
38  if (g == 0) //Bad connection
39  {
40  cerr << "There was an error with the connection." << endl;
42  }
44  e(GCmd(g, "ST")); // stop all motors
45  e(GCmd(g, "SH AB")); // Set servo here
46  e(GCmd(g, "DP 0,0")); // Start position at absolute zero
48  e(GCmd(g, "CAS")); //Defines S as active coordinate system
49  e(GCmd(g, "VS 20000")); //Defines vector speed
50  e(GCmd(g, "VA 200000")); //Defines vector acceleration
51  e(GCmd(g, "VD 200000")); //Defines vector deceleration
52  e(GCmd(g, "VM AB")); //Begin Vector Segment
54  ifstream fs;
55  fs.open(file); //Open user defined text file
56  if (!fs) //If file could not be opened
57  {
58  cout << "Unable to open file\n";
59  return G_BAD_FILE;
60  }
62  int capacity;
63  //Stores the available space of the vector buffer in the capacity variable
64  e(GCmdI(g, "MG _LMS", &capacity));
65  load_buffer(g, fs, capacity);
67  e(GCmd(g, "BG S")); //Begin Motion
69  do //Load buffer with more commands
70  {
71  GSleep(100); //Sleep a bit while buffer is emptying
73  //Stores the available space of the vector buffer in the capacity variable
74  e(GCmdI(g, "MG _LMS", &capacity));
75  } while (load_buffer(g, fs, capacity));
77  fs.close(); //Close the file
79  e(GCmd(g, "VE")); //Segment End
80  e(GMotionComplete(g, "S"));
82  return GALIL_EXAMPLE_OK;
83 }
88 bool load_buffer(GCon g, ifstream& fs, int capacity)
89 {
90  string s_cmd;
91  // Fully load the vector buffer leaving room for one VE command
92  for (capacity; capacity > 1; capacity--)
93  {
94  if (getline(fs, s_cmd)) //if there is another line of the text file
95  {
96  //Run the command on each line of the text file
97  e(GCmd(g, s_cmd.c_str()));
98  }
99  else
100  return false;
101  }
103  return true;
104 }
GCLIB_DLL_EXPORTED GReturn GCALL GMotionComplete(GCon g, GCStringIn axes)
Blocking call that returns once all axes specified have completed their motion.
Definition: gclibo.c:300
GCLIB_DLL_EXPORTED void GCALL GSleep(unsigned int timeout_ms)
Uses GUtility() and G_UTIL_SLEEP to provide a blocking sleep call which can be useful for timing-base...
Definition: gclibo.c:24
GCLIB_DLL_EXPORTED GReturn GCALL GCmdI(GCon g, GCStringIn command, int *value)
Wrapper around GCommand that provides the return value of a command parsed into an int.
Definition: gclibo.c:278
GCLIB_DLL_EXPORTED GReturn GCALL GCmd(GCon g, GCStringIn command)
Wrapper around GCommand for use when the return value is not desired.
Definition: gclibo.c:237
int GReturn
Every function returns a value of type GReturn. See gclib_errors.h for possible values.
Definition: gclib.h:93
void * GCon
Connection handle. Unique for each connection in process. Assigned a non-zero value in GOpen().
Definition: gclib.h:94
Function was called with no connection.
Definition: gclib_errors.h:64
#define G_BAD_FILE
Bad file path, bad file contents, or bad write.
Definition: gclib_errors.h:85
void e(GReturn rc)
A trivial, C++ style return code check used in Galil's examples and demos.
Definition: examples.h:33
bool load_buffer(GCon g, ifstream &fs, int capacity)
Definition: vector.cpp:88
GReturn vector(GCon g, char *file)
Puts controller into Vector Mode and accepts a file defining vector points.
Definition: vector.cpp:36