gclib  1.37.6
Communications API for Galil controllers and PLCs

◆ GCmdI()

GReturn GCALL GCmdI ( GCon  g,
GCStringIn  command,
int *  value 

Wrapper around GCommand that provides the return value of a command parsed into an int.

Use this function to get most values including TP, RP, TE, Digital I/O states, etc.

gConnection's handle.
commandNull-terminated command string to send to the controller.
valuePointer to an int that will be filled with the return value.
The success status or error code of the function. See gclib_errors.h for possible values.

See x_gcommand.cpp for an example.

Definition at line 278 of file gclibo.c.

References G_NO_ERROR, G_SMALL_BUFFER, and GCommand().

Referenced by commands(), record_position(), and vector().