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Mac OS X


macOS is not currently supported. Previous builds of gclib are provided. Contact Galil if you require support for newer versions of macOS.

Download latest version


All packages


Open the dmg file and drag the gclib directory to Applications or another installation location.

Create environment variable (Optional)

To enable usage of the Python wrapper, add to the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH by typing the following at a Terminal prompt.

$ echo "export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Applications/gclib/dylib/:\$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH" >> ~/.profile

Log out and back in to set the environment variable.

Make links for USB devices

If using the DMC4103 or another Galil USB product, symbolic links may be created so GAddresses() can list the controllers. Plug in the device, then open a Terminal:

$ ls /dev/tty.usb*
$ #make a symbolic link so gclib can list it
$ sudo ln -s /dev/tty.usbserial-A402L6KG /dev/tty.usbserial0
$ #gclib searches start at 0
$ #GAddresses() will now list this device