gclib  2.0.8
Communications API for Galil controllers and PLCs
gclib_errors.h File Reference

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#define G_NO_ERROR   0
 Return value if function succeeded.
#define G_NO_ERROR_S   "no error"
#define G_GCLIB_ERROR   -1
 General library error. Indicates internal API caught an unexpected error. Contact Galil support if this error is returned, softw.nosp@m.ares.nosp@m.uppor.nosp@m.t@ga.nosp@m.lil.c.nosp@m.om.
#define G_GCLIB_ERROR_S   "gclib unexpected error"
 An invalid request value was specified to GUtility.
#define G_GCLIB_UTILITY_ERROR_S   "invalid request value or bad arguments were specified to GUtility()"
 The IP cannot be assigned because ping returned a reply.
#define G_GCLIB_UTILITY_IP_TAKEN_S   "ip address is already taken by a device on the network"
 GMessage, GInterrupt, and GRecord can be called with a zero timeout. If there wasn't data waiting in memory, this error is returned.
#define G_GCLIB_NON_BLOCKING_READ_EMPTY_S   "data was not waiting for a zero-timeout read"
 GWaitForBool out of polling trials.
#define G_GCLIB_POLLING_FAILED_S   "exit condition not met in specified polling period"
#define G_TIMEOUT   -1100
 Operation timed out. Timeout is set by the –timeout option in GOpen() and can be overriden by GSetting().
#define G_TIMEOUT_S   "device timed out"
#define G_OPEN_ERROR   -1101
 Device could not be opened. E.G. Serial port or PCI device already open.
#define G_OPEN_ERROR_S   "device failed to open"
#define G_ALREADY_OPEN   -1111
 Serial or PCI file has a flock placed on it, presumably by another gclib connection.
#define G_ALREADY_OPEN_S   "Serial or PCI port already open"
#define G_READ_ERROR   -1103
 Device read failed. E.G. Socket was closed by remote host. See G_UTIL_GCAPS_KEEPALIVE.
#define G_READ_ERROR_S   "device read error"
#define G_WRITE_ERROR   -1104
 Device write failed. E.G. Socket was closed by remote host. See G_UTIL_GCAPS_KEEPALIVE.
#define G_WRITE_ERROR_S   "device write error"
 GProgramDownload was called with a bad preprocessor directive.
#define G_INVALID_PREPROCESSOR_OPTIONS_S   "preprocessor did not recognize options"
 GCommand() was called with an illegal command, e.g. ED, DL or QD.
#define G_COMMAND_CALLED_WITH_ILLEGAL_COMMAND_S   "illegal command passed to command call"
#define G_DATA_RECORD_ERROR   -1107
 Data record error, e.g. DR attempted on serial connection.
#define G_DATA_RECORD_ERROR_S   "data record error"
 Function cannot be called on this bus. E.G. GInterrupt() on serial.
#define G_UNSUPPORTED_FUNCTION_S   "function not supported on this communication bus"
 Firmware is not supported on this bus, e.g. Ethernet for the DMC-21x3 series.
#define G_FIRMWARE_LOAD_NOT_SUPPORTED_S   "firmware cannot be loaded on this communication bus to this hardware"
 Array operation was called on an array that was not in the controller's array table, see LA command.
#define G_ARRAY_NOT_DIMENSIONED_S   "array not dimensioned on controller or wrong size"
 Function was called with no connection.
#define G_CONNECTION_NOT_ESTABLISHED_S   "connection to hardware not established"
 Data to download not valid, e.g. \ in data.
#define G_ILLEGAL_DATA_IN_PROGRAM_S   "illegal ASCII character in program"
 Program preprocessor could not compress the program within the user's constraints.
#define G_UNABLE_TO_COMPRESS_PROGRAM_TO_FIT_S   "program cannot be compressed to fit on the controller"
 Operation received a ?, indicating controller has a TC error.
#define G_BAD_RESPONSE_QUESTION_MARK_S   "question mark returned by controller"
#define G_BAD_VALUE_RANGE   -10002
 Bad value or range, e.g. GCon g variable passed to function was bad.
#define G_BAD_VALUE_RANGE_S   "value passed to function was bad or out of range"
#define G_BAD_FULL_MEMORY   -10003
 Not enough memory for an operation, e.g. all connections allowed for a process already taken.
#define G_BAD_FULL_MEMORY_S   "operation could not complete because of a memory error"
#define G_BAD_LOST_DATA   -10004
 Lost data, e.g. GCommand() response buffer was too small for the controller's response.
#define G_BAD_LOST_DATA_S   "data was lost due to buffer or fifo limitations"
#define G_BAD_FILE   -10005
 Bad file path, bad file contents, or bad write.
#define G_BAD_FILE_S   "file was not found, contents are invalid, or write failed"
#define G_BAD_ADDRESS   -10006
 Bad address.
#define G_BAD_ADDRESS_S   "a bad address was specified in open"
#define G_BAD_FIRMWARE_LOAD   -10008
 Bad firmware upgrade.
#define G_BAD_FIRMWARE_LOAD_S   "Firmware upgrade failed"
#define G_GCAPS_OPEN_ERROR   -20000
 gcaps connection couldn't open. Server is not running or is not reachable.
#define G_GCAPS_OPEN_ERROR_S   "gcaps connection could not be opened"
 GMessage(), GRecord(), GInterrupt() called on a connection without –subscribe switch.
#define G_GCAPS_SUBSCRIPTION_ERROR_S   "function requires subscription not specified in GOpen()"

Detailed Description

Defines values for the Galil C Library return codes and error strings.

Definition in file gclib_errors.h.