gclib  2.0.8
Communications API for Galil controllers and PLCs
gclib.GDataRecord52000 Struct Reference

Data record struct for DMC-52000 controller. Same as DMC-4000, with bank indicator added at byte 40. More...

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Public Member Functions

byte[] byte_array ()
 Returns the data record as a byte array and allows for access to individual bytes.

Data Fields

UB header_0
 1st Byte of Header.
UB header_1
 2nd Byte of Header.
UB header_2
 3rd Byte of Header.
UB header_3
 4th Byte of Header.
UW sample_number
 sample number.
UB input_bank_0
 general input bank 0 (inputs 1-8).
UB input_bank_1
 general input bank 1 (inputs 9-16).
UB input_bank_2
 general input bank 2 (inputs 17-24).
UB input_bank_3
 general input bank 3 (inputs 25-32).
UB input_bank_4
 general input bank 4 (inputs 33-40).
UB input_bank_5
 general input bank 5 (inputs 41-48).
UB input_bank_6
 general input bank 6 (inputs 49-56).
UB input_bank_7
 general input bank 7 (inputs 57-64).
UB input_bank_8
 general input bank 8 (inputs 65-72).
UB input_bank_9
 general input bank 9 (inputs 73-80).
UB output_bank_0
 general output bank 0 (outputs 1-8).
UB output_bank_1
 general output bank 1 (outputs 9-16).
UB output_bank_2
 general output bank 2 (outputs 17-24).
UB output_bank_3
 general output bank 3 (outputs 25-32).
UB output_bank_4
 general output bank 4 (outputs 33-40).
UB output_bank_5
 general output bank 5 (outputs 41-48).
UB output_bank_6
 general output bank 6 (outputs 49-56).
UB output_bank_7
 general output bank 7 (outputs 57-64).
UB output_bank_8
 general output bank 8 (outputs 65-72).
UB output_bank_9
 general output bank 9 (outputs 73-80).
SW reserved_0
SW reserved_2
SW reserved_4
SW reserved_6
SW reserved_8
SW reserved_10
SW reserved_12
UB ethercat_bank
 EtherCAT Bank Indicator.
UB reserved_14
UB ethernet_status_a
 Ethernet Handle A Status.
UB ethernet_status_b
 Ethernet Handle B Status.
UB ethernet_status_c
 Ethernet Handle C Status.
UB ethernet_status_d
 Ethernet Handle D Status.
UB ethernet_status_e
 Ethernet Handle E Status.
UB ethernet_status_f
 Ethernet Handle F Status.
UB ethernet_status_g
 Ethernet Handle G Status.
UB ethernet_status_h
 Ethernet Handle H Status.
UB error_code
 error code.
UB thread_status
 thread status
UL amplifier_status
 Amplifier Status.
UL contour_segment_count
 Segment Count for Contour Mode.
UW contour_buffer_available
 Buffer space remaining, Contour Mode.
UW s_plane_segment_count
 segment count of coordinated move for S plane.
UW s_plane_move_status
 coordinated move status for S plane.
SL s_distance
 distance traveled in coordinated move for S plane.
UW s_plane_buffer_available
 Buffer space remaining, S Plane.
UW t_plane_segment_count
 segment count of coordinated move for T plane.
UW t_plane_move_status
 Coordinated move status for T plane.
SL t_distance
 distance traveled in coordinated move for T plane.
UW t_plane_buffer_available
 Buffer space remaining, T Plane.
UW axis_a_status
 A axis status.
UB axis_a_switches
 A axis switches.
UB axis_a_stop_code
 A axis stop code.
SL axis_a_reference_position
 A axis reference position.
SL axis_a_motor_position
 A axis motor position.
SL axis_a_position_error
 A axis position error.
SL axis_a_aux_position
 A axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_a_velocity
 A axis velocity.
SL axis_a_torque
 A axis torque.
UW axis_a_analog_in
 A axis analog input.
UB axis_a_halls
 A Hall Input Status.
UB axis_a_reserved
SL axis_a_variable
 A User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_b_status
 B axis status.
UB axis_b_switches
 B axis switches.
UB axis_b_stop_code
 B axis stop code.
SL axis_b_reference_position
 B axis reference position.
SL axis_b_motor_position
 B axis motor position.
SL axis_b_position_error
 B axis position error.
SL axis_b_aux_position
 B axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_b_velocity
 B axis velocity.
SL axis_b_torque
 B axis torque.
UW axis_b_analog_in
 B axis analog input.
UB axis_b_halls
 B Hall Input Status.
UB axis_b_reserved
SL axis_b_variable
 B User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_c_status
 C axis status.
UB axis_c_switches
 C axis switches.
UB axis_c_stop_code
 C axis stop code.
SL axis_c_reference_position
 C axis reference position.
SL axis_c_motor_position
 C axis motor position.
SL axis_c_position_error
 C axis position error.
SL axis_c_aux_position
 C axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_c_velocity
 C axis velocity.
SL axis_c_torque
 C axis torque.
UW axis_c_analog_in
 C axis analog input.
UB axis_c_halls
 C Hall Input Status.
UB axis_c_reserved
SL axis_c_variable
 C User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_d_status
 D axis status.
UB axis_d_switches
 D axis switches.
UB axis_d_stop_code
 D axis stop code.
SL axis_d_reference_position
 D axis reference position.
SL axis_d_motor_position
 D axis motor position.
SL axis_d_position_error
 D axis position error.
SL axis_d_aux_position
 D axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_d_velocity
 D axis velocity.
SL axis_d_torque
 D axis torque.
UW axis_d_analog_in
 D axis analog input.
UB axis_d_halls
 D Hall Input Status.
UB axis_d_reserved
SL axis_d_variable
 D User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_e_status
 E axis status.
UB axis_e_switches
 E axis switches.
UB axis_e_stop_code
 E axis stop code.
SL axis_e_reference_position
 E axis reference position.
SL axis_e_motor_position
 E axis motor position.
SL axis_e_position_error
 E axis position error.
SL axis_e_aux_position
 E axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_e_velocity
 E axis velocity.
SL axis_e_torque
 E axis torque.
UW axis_e_analog_in
 E axis analog input.
UB axis_e_halls
 E Hall Input Status.
UB axis_e_reserved
SL axis_e_variable
 E User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_f_status
 F axis status.
UB axis_f_switches
 F axis switches.
UB axis_f_stop_code
 F axis stop code.
SL axis_f_reference_position
 F axis reference position.
SL axis_f_motor_position
 F axis motor position.
SL axis_f_position_error
 F axis position error.
SL axis_f_aux_position
 F axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_f_velocity
 F axis velocity.
SL axis_f_torque
 F axis torque.
UW axis_f_analog_in
 F axis analog input.
UB axis_f_halls
 F Hall Input Status.
UB axis_f_reserved
SL axis_f_variable
 F User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_g_status
 G axis status.
UB axis_g_switches
 G axis switches.
UB axis_g_stop_code
 G axis stop code.
SL axis_g_reference_position
 G axis reference position.
SL axis_g_motor_position
 G axis motor position.
SL axis_g_position_error
 G axis position error.
SL axis_g_aux_position
 G axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_g_velocity
 G axis velocity.
SL axis_g_torque
 G axis torque.
UW axis_g_analog_in
 G axis analog input.
UB axis_g_halls
 G Hall Input Status.
UB axis_g_reserved
SL axis_g_variable
 G User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_h_status
 H axis status.
UB axis_h_switches
 H axis switches.
UB axis_h_stop_code
 H axis stop code.
SL axis_h_reference_position
 H axis reference position.
SL axis_h_motor_position
 H axis motor position.
SL axis_h_position_error
 H axis position error.
SL axis_h_aux_position
 H axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_h_velocity
 H axis velocity.
SL axis_h_torque
 H axis torque.
UW axis_h_analog_in
 H axis analog input.
UB axis_h_halls
 H Hall Input Status.
UB axis_h_reserved
SL axis_h_variable
 H User-defined variable (ZA).

Detailed Description

Data record struct for DMC-52000 controller. Same as DMC-4000, with bank indicator added at byte 40.

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