gclib  2.0.8
Communications API for Galil controllers and PLCs
gclib.GDataRecord47162 Struct Reference

Data record struct for RIO-47162. More...

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Public Member Functions

byte[] byte_array ()
 Returns the data record as a byte array and allows for access to individual bytes.

Data Fields

UB header_0
 1st Byte of Header.
UB header_1
 2nd Byte of Header.
UB header_2
 3rd Byte of Header.
UB header_3
 4th Byte of Header.
UW sample_number
 Sample number.
UB error_code
 Error code.
UB general_status
 General status.
UW output_analog_0
 Analog output 0.
UW output_analog_1
 Analog output 1.
UW output_analog_2
 Analog output 2.
UW output_analog_3
 Analog output 3.
UW output_analog_4
 Analog output 4.
UW output_analog_5
 Analog output 5.
UW output_analog_6
 Analog output 6.
UW output_analog_7
 Analog output 7.
UW input_analog_0
 Analog input 0.
UW input_analog_1
 Analog input 1.
UW input_analog_2
 Analog input 2.
UW input_analog_3
 Analog input 3.
UW input_analog_4
 Analog input 4.
UW input_analog_5
 Analog input 5.
UW input_analog_6
 Analog input 6.
UW input_analog_7
 Analog input 7.
UB output_byte_0
 Digital outputs 0-7.
UB output_byte_1
 Digital outputs 8-15.
UB output_byte_2
 Digital outputs 16-23.
UB input_byte_0
 Digital inputs 0-7.
UB input_byte_1
 Digital inputs 8-15.
UB input_byte_2
 Digital inputs 16-23.
UB input_byte_3
 Digital inputs 24-31.
UB input_byte_4
 Digital inputs 32-39.
UL pulse_count_0
 Pulse counter (see PC).
SL zc_variable
 ZC User-defined variable (see ZC).
SL zd_variable
 ZD User-defined variable (see ZD).
SL encoder_0
 Encoder channel 0. Data only valid for parts with -BISS, -QUAD, or -SSI.
SL encoder_1
 Encoder channel 1. Data only valid for parts with -BISS, -QUAD, or -SSI.
SL encoder_2
 Encoder channel 2. Data only valid for parts with -BISS, -QUAD, or -SSI.
SL encoder_3
 Encoder channel 3. Data only valid for parts with -BISS, -QUAD, or -SSI.

Detailed Description

Data record struct for RIO-47162.

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