gclib  2.0.8
Communications API for Galil controllers and PLCs
gclib.GDataRecord1806 Struct Reference

Data record struct for DMC-1806 controller. More...

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Public Member Functions

byte[] byte_array ()
 Returns the data record as a byte array and allows for access to individual bytes.

Data Fields

UW sample_number
 sample number.
UB input_bank_0
 general input bank 0 (inputs 1-8).
UB input_bank_1
 general input bank 1 (inputs 9-16).
UB input_bank_2
 general input bank 2 (inputs 17-24).
UB input_bank_3
 general input bank 3 (inputs 25-32).
UB input_bank_4
 general input bank 4 (inputs 33-40).
UB input_bank_5
 general input bank 5 (inputs 41-48).
UB input_bank_6
 general input bank 6 (inputs 49-56).
UB input_bank_7
 general input bank 7 (inputs 57-64).
UB input_bank_8
 general input bank 8 (inputs 65-72).
UB input_bank_9
 general input bank 9 (inputs 73-80).
UB output_bank_0
 general output bank 0 (outputs 1-8).
UB output_bank_1
 general output bank 1 (outputs 9-16).
UB output_bank_2
 general output bank 2 (outputs 17-24).
UB output_bank_3
 general output bank 3 (outputs 25-32).
UB output_bank_4
 general output bank 4 (outputs 33-40).
UB output_bank_5
 general output bank 5 (outputs 41-48).
UB output_bank_6
 general output bank 6 (outputs 49-56).
UB output_bank_7
 general output bank 7 (outputs 57-64).
UB output_bank_8
 general output bank 8 (outputs 65-72).
UB output_bank_9
 general output bank 9 (outputs 73-80).
SW reserved_0
SW reserved_2
SW reserved_4
SW reserved_6
SW reserved_8
SW reserved_10
SW reserved_12
SW reserved_14
UB reserved_16
UB reserved_17
UB reserved_18
UB reserved_19
UB reserved_20
UB reserved_21
UB reserved_22
UB reserved_23
UB error_code
 error code.
UB thread_status
 thread status.
UL reserved_24
UL contour_segment_count
 Segment Count for Contour Mode.
UW contour_buffer_available
 Buffer space remaining, Contour Mode.
UW s_plane_segment_count
 segment count of coordinated move for S plane.
UW s_plane_move_status
 coordinated move status for S plane.
SL s_distance
 distance traveled in coordinated move for S plane.
UW s_plane_buffer_available
 Buffer space remaining, S Plane.
UW t_plane_segment_count
 segment count of coordinated move for T plane.
UW t_plane_move_status
 Coordinated move status for T plane.
SL t_distance
 distance traveled in coordinated move for T plane.
UW t_plane_buffer_available
 Buffer space remaining, T Plane.
UW axis_a_status
 A axis status.
UB axis_a_switches
 A axis switches.
UB axis_a_stop_code
 A axis stop code.
SL axis_a_reference_position
 A axis reference position.
SL axis_a_motor_position
 A axis motor position.
SL axis_a_position_error
 A axis position error.
SL axis_a_aux_position
 A axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_a_velocity
 A axis velocity.
SL axis_a_torque
 A axis torque.
UW axis_a_analog_in
 A axis analog input.
UB axis_a_reserved_0
UB axis_a_reserved_1
SL axis_a_variable
 A User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_b_status
 B axis status.
UB axis_b_switches
 B axis switches.
UB axis_b_stop_code
 B axis stop code.
SL axis_b_reference_position
 B axis reference position.
SL axis_b_motor_position
 B axis motor position.
SL axis_b_position_error
 B axis position error.
SL axis_b_aux_position
 B axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_b_velocity
 B axis velocity.
SL axis_b_torque
 B axis torque.
UW axis_b_analog_in
 B axis analog input.
UB axis_b_reserved_0
UB axis_b_reserved_1
SL axis_b_variable
 B User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_c_status
 C axis status.
UB axis_c_switches
 C axis switches.
UB axis_c_stop_code
 C axis stop code.
SL axis_c_reference_position
 C axis reference position.
SL axis_c_motor_position
 C axis motor position.
SL axis_c_position_error
 C axis position error.
SL axis_c_aux_position
 C axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_c_velocity
 C axis velocity.
SL axis_c_torque
 C axis torque.
UW axis_c_analog_in
 C axis analog input.
UB axis_c_reserved_0
UB axis_c_reserved_1
SL axis_c_variable
 C User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_d_status
 D axis status.
UB axis_d_switches
 D axis switches.
UB axis_d_stop_code
 D axis stop code.
SL axis_d_reference_position
 D axis reference position.
SL axis_d_motor_position
 D axis motor position.
SL axis_d_position_error
 D axis position error.
SL axis_d_aux_position
 D axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_d_velocity
 D axis velocity.
SL axis_d_torque
 D axis torque.
UW axis_d_analog_in
 D axis analog input.
UB axis_d_reserved_0
UB axis_d_reserved_1
SL axis_d_variable
 D User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_e_status
 E axis status.
UB axis_e_switches
 E axis switches.
UB axis_e_stop_code
 E axis stop code.
SL axis_e_reference_position
 E axis reference position.
SL axis_e_motor_position
 E axis motor position.
SL axis_e_position_error
 E axis position error.
SL axis_e_aux_position
 E axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_e_velocity
 E axis velocity.
SL axis_e_torque
 E axis torque.
UW axis_e_analog_in
 E axis analog input.
UB axis_e_reserved_0
UB axis_e_reserved_1
SL axis_e_variable
 E User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_f_status
 F axis status.
UB axis_f_switches
 F axis switches.
UB axis_f_stop_code
 F axis stop code.
SL axis_f_reference_position
 F axis reference position.
SL axis_f_motor_position
 F axis motor position.
SL axis_f_position_error
 F axis position error.
SL axis_f_aux_position
 F axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_f_velocity
 F axis velocity.
SL axis_f_torque
 F axis torque.
UW axis_f_analog_in
 F axis analog input.
UB axis_f_reserved_0
UB axis_f_reserved_1
SL axis_f_variable
 F User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_g_status
 G axis status.
UB axis_g_switches
 G axis switches.
UB axis_g_stop_code
 G axis stop code.
SL axis_g_reference_position
 G axis reference position.
SL axis_g_motor_position
 G axis motor position.
SL axis_g_position_error
 G axis position error.
SL axis_g_aux_position
 G axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_g_velocity
 G axis velocity.
SL axis_g_torque
 G axis torque.
UW axis_g_analog_in
 G axis analog input.
UB axis_g_reserved_0
UB axis_g_reserved_1
SL axis_g_variable
 G User-defined variable (ZA).
UW axis_h_status
 H axis status.
UB axis_h_switches
 H axis switches.
UB axis_h_stop_code
 H axis stop code.
SL axis_h_reference_position
 H axis reference position.
SL axis_h_motor_position
 H axis motor position.
SL axis_h_position_error
 H axis position error.
SL axis_h_aux_position
 H axis auxiliary position.
SL axis_h_velocity
 H axis velocity.
SL axis_h_torque
 H axis torque.
UW axis_h_analog_in
 H axis analog input.
UB axis_h_reserved_0
UB axis_h_reserved_1
SL axis_h_variable
 H User-defined variable (ZA).

Detailed Description

Data record struct for DMC-1806 controller.

The 18x6 Data record is the same as 4000 except the following.

  1. No header bytes. Firmware strips it in DR. Software removes it from QR.
  2. No Ethernet status (bytes 42-49).
  3. No amplfifier status (bytes 52-55).
  4. No axis-specific hall input status.

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