gclib  2.0.8
Communications API for Galil controllers and PLCs

◆ GCommand()

string GCommand ( string  Command,
bool  Trim = true 

Used for command-and-response transactions.

CommandThe command to send to the controller. Do not append a carriage return. Use only ASCII-based commmands.
TrimIf true, the response will be trimmed of the trailing colon and any leading or trailing whitespace.
The command's response.

Wrapper around gclib GCommand(), http://www.galil.com/sw/pub/all/doc/gclib/html/gclib_8h.html#a5ac031e76efc965affdd73a1bec084a8

System.ExceptionWill throw an exception if anything other than G_NO_ERROR is received from gclib.

Definition at line 257 of file gclib.cs.

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