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Ethernet/RS232 Optima Motion Controllers, 1-8 axes

For new applications, Galil recommends the new generation, the DMC-42x0.

The DMC-22x0 stand-alone motion controller is a member of the Optima Series, Galil's prior-generation, multi-axis motion controllers. The DMC-22x0 features 10Base-T/100Base-T Ethernet connectivity. The controller is packaged in a compact, rugged enclosure and contains an internal power supply for direct connection to 90-250 V AC. The DMC-22x0 controller accommodates 1- through 8-axis formats and allows control of step or servo motors on any combination of axes. Any mode of motion can be programmed including linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing and ecam. Like all Galil controllers, programming the DMC-22x0 is simplified with two-letter, intuitive commands and a full set of software tools such as WSDK for servo tuning and analysis.


  • For new applications, Galil recommends the new generation, the DMC-42x0.
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T with auto-negotiate function (10/100Base-F optional); Two RS232/422 ports up to 115kb.
  • Ethernet supports multiple masters and multiple slaves allowing communication with multiple computers and I/O devices
  • Supports Modbus protocol for communication with I/O devices
  • Accepts up to 12 MHz encoder frequencies for servos and 3 MHz for steppers
  • PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward, integration limits, notch filter and low-pass filter.
  • Modes of motion include jogging, point-to-point positioning, contouring, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing and ECAM
  • Multitasking for concurrent execution of up to eight application programs
  • Non-volatile memory for application programs, variables and arrays
  • Dual encoders, home input and forward and reverse limits accepted for every axis
  • 8 uncommitted inputs and 8 outputs for 1- through 4-axes models; 16 inputs and 16 outputs for 5- through 8-axis models
  • 8 uncomitted analog inputs
  • 64 configurable I/O. Use IOC-7007 for additional I/O & Analog Expansion
  • High speed position latch and output compare
  • High-density shielded cables and optical isolation for noise immunity
  • 12.1" x 2.2" x 6.3" metal enclosure; Accepts 90-250V AC
  • Custom hardware and firmware options available
  • RoHS CompliantCE Certified

Price List

Part Number Description 1pc / 100pc
Ethernet 10/100-baseT/RS232 5-axi $3,845 / $3,845
Ethernet 10/100-baseT/RS232 6-axis $4,065 / $4,065
Ethernet 10/100-baseT/RS232 7-axis $4,285 / $4,285
Ethernet 10/100-baseT/RS232 8-axis $4,505 / $4,505
ETL option. Add to DMC-22x0 price $100 / $50
16-bit analog-to-digital $100 / $60
ICM with four 500W servo drives $795 / $495

Cables and Accessories

Image Part Number Description
100-pin cable 1 meter
100-pin cable 2 meter
100-pin cable 4 meter
Auxiliary encoder cable;1 meter
RS232 female to female straight through cable
50-pin to 80-pin (for DB-14064)
Interconnect for 4 axis
ICM with flange mount
ICM with opto outputs
Auxiliary encoder cable;3 meter
Extended I/O cable; 1 meter
option for DC power input
SSI Interface; Adder to DMC-22xx